Can girlfriend please provide some ingredient substitutions when food preparation Ben’s Original™ NATURAL totality GRAIN?

INGREDIENT SUBSTITUTIONBROTH/JUICETo include extra smell without adding fat, change water v broth, bouillon or consommé (chicken, beef or vegetable flavors). Friend may additionally replace water v fruit or vegetables juices.

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BROWN RICE rather OF WHITE OR WILD RICE because that RECIPEBrown rice can be used in recipes instead of white or wild rice. However, the cooking time is much longer for brown rice, so readjust your cooking recipes accordingly.

BROWN RICE instead OF WHITE RICE because that PUDDINGBrown rice can be provided in rice pudding recipes rather of white rice. However, the food preparation time is much longer for brown rice, so change your cooking recipes accordingly.

BUTTER/MARGARINEButter and margarine room optional ingredients. They carry out not need to be added.


My Ben’s Original™NATURAL totality GRAIN BROWN RICE isn"t food preparation the means I expected. What am ns doing?


COOKING PROBLEMSHARD/FIRM RICEReason 1: Not sufficient liquid. Add much more liquid and cook longer.Reason 2: Too large a pan offered causing too much evaporation of water. Use smaller pan.

STICKY/MUSHY RICEReason 1: prevent stirring during food preparation and collection aside time.Reason 2: Cooked too long. Reduce food preparation time.Reason 3: Holding large quantity in pan after liquid is absorbed. When preparing 2 or much more cups, instantly transfer the cooking rice to serving dish.

WATERY RICEReason 1: untrue proportions may have actually been used (measure accurately).Reason 2: food preparation heat may be too low during the simmering step. Use higher heat.Reason 3: Cooking method used might not an outcome in dried rice. Remove cover ~ cooking and also leave on really low heat for 4 come 5 minute or until water is absorbed.


How execute I cook large-quantity batches of Ben’s Original™ NATURAL totality GRAIN BROWN RICE?


Large Quantity food preparation MeasurementsHere space the basic proportions for cooking huge quantities that Ben’s Original™ Natural totality Grain Brown Rice:

Uncooked riseWater(8 oz.)Salt (optional)Butter or margarine (optional)Serving dimension (4 oz. Or ½cup)
3½ cups or 1½ lbs.7 cups1 Tbsp.⅓ cup25
2 lbs.8½ cups1½ Tbsps.½ cup38
6 cup or 2¾ lbs.12 cups2 Tbsps.¾ cup50
12 cups or 5½ lbs.24 cups¼ cup1½ cup100
19 cup or 8¼ lbs.36 cups⅓ cup2 cups150

If there is too much water, the heat was as well low or the rice did not boil for an enough amount that time. Any type of excess water may be drained off.If there is not enough water, the flame/heat was also high throughout the cook process, the saucepan was too large and it resulted in an excessive evaporation of water. Add more water and cook longer.Too big a pan can reason excessive evaporation the water. Use smaller sized pan.


What room some alternate cooking techniques for Ben’s Original™ NATURAL whole GRAIN BROWN RICE?


SLOW COOKERRub 1 tablespoon butter or margarine end bottom and also up the political parties of the slow-moving cooker. Add 1 cup rice, 2⅔ cups water and 1 tespoon salt (optional). Cover and cook ~ above HIGH warmth until all liquid is absorbed, about 3 hours.

OVENCombine rice, hot water, and also if desired, salt and butter or margarine in a shallow tray. Stir. Cover and bake in a 400°F oven until many of the water is absorbed (about 30 minute in a conventional stove or 25 minutes in a convection oven). Remove from oven and also keep warmth (160°F).

PRESSURE COOKERWe perform not recommend using a press cooker because rice has tendency to foam once cooking. The foam could clog the vent in the cooker, which would be dangerous.

RICE COOKER DIRECTIONSRice cookers are straightforward to use and also keep rice warm until girlfriend are ready to eat. There are several trusted brands available, both automatic and non-automatic. Treatment should be taken to follow separation, personal, instance manufacturers" directions.

In general, all ingredients are linked using ¼ to ½ cup less liquid than for the top-of-the-range method. Rotate the rice cooker on. The rice cooker stops cooking instantly by sensing a rise in temperature the occurs once rice has absorbed all the liquid.

When food preparation Ben’s Original™ Natural totality Grain Brown Rice, use the complying with proportions: 2¼ liquids come 1 component dry rice.

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STEAMERCombine rice, warm water, and also if desired, salt and butter or margarine in steamship or steam table pan. Stir. Cover and steam using 14 pounds pressure, until many of the water is took in (about 20 minutes). Stir. Eliminate from steamer and also keep warmth (160°F).