Unopened vegetables broth lasts because that months, yet only a few days when you open it up. If those 3 to 4 job aren’t enough for you, freezing the leftovers is an different worth considering.

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If you’re make homemade veggie broth, things aren’t much different – girlfriend still have actually only a pair of days or freezing together your back-up option.

Interested in finding out a point or two about storage, shelf life, and going bad of vegetables broth?

If so, this write-up is for you. Review on.


In this article, I use the terms vegetable broth and vegetable share interchangeably due to the fact that everyone else does that as well. Technically, over there isn’t such a thing as veggie stock because stock is made v bone, and also there is no such thing as “vegetable bones.”

Vegetable broth in a white plate

How lengthy Does vegetable Broth Last?

Vegetable broth (unopened)Best-by + 1 – 3 months
Store-bought vegetables broth (opened)4 – 5 days
Homemade vegetable broth4 – 5 days
Store-bought vegetable broth comes v a shelf life the 1 come 2 years and easily lasts for a couple of months past the printed date. When you open up the can or carton, the broth keeps because that 3 come 4 job (maybe 5) in the fridge.

Homemade veggie broth additionally keeps for 3 come 4 days, although part suggest you can keep it for approximately a week. I imply you go v 4 work of refrigeration and freezing any kind of extra leftovers you could have (more on freezing later on).

That’s the gist the it when it involves the shelf life of vegetables stock.


If you require your broth to last because that a an extremely long time, take into consideration using bouillon cubes. They might not it is in the healthiest option, yet they space convenient come use and easy to store.

Expiration Date

The day printed on crate or boxed vegetable broth is a best-by date, not an expiration date. It’s around food quality, not safety.

It’s the manufacturers saying that they insurance the high quality of your product up till that suggest in time. And that doesn’t to speak anything around if or once the product will go bad.

Plus, boxed and also canned food commodities (like beef broth or chicken broth) have tendency to last because that a long time, means past the printed date.

How long past the printed date can you use vegetable broth, girlfriend ask?

There’s no best or not correct answer. The broth should keep because that at least 2 come 3 months, possibly lot more. It counts on the ingredients, your quality, and how the broth is packaged.

In various other words, every brand is different, and you need to uncover out you yourself if yours is for sure to use (more on the later) and also if the top quality is good enough.


Some broths out there contain preventive that aid them maintain quality. Rather don’t. The previous usually store their taste better past their date yet are thought about less healthy.

Minestrone – Italian vegetable soup

Homemade vegetable Broth

Homemade vegetable broth lasts only 3 come 4 days, probably 5 work if you’re feeling specifically adventurous.

As I already mentioned, part sources indicate you can keep that for up to a week, yet I’d recommend you monitor the standard advice of 3 to 4 work of storage because that leftover perishable foods.

In various other words, homemade veggie broth isn’t much various from an opened up store-bought one, at the very least when it comes to storage practices and also shelf life.

Does vegetables Broth go Bad?

Canned and boxed vegetable broths don’t conveniently go bad the way dairy commodities do, yet they don’t keep high quality forever either.

There room three things to think about here:

storage timeactual spoilagequality

When it involves storage time, it’s quite simple. If her broth is open for an ext than 5 days, or is quiet unopened but method past what you’re comfortable using (e.g., 9 months past printed date), girlfriend discard it.

Then it’s time come look for indications of spoilage to make certain if her is for sure to use (more on the in a moment).

Last, you think about the quality. If the broth doesn’t show any signs of spoilage but tastes sort of meh, you deserve to throw it the end for top quality purposes.

Broth in a white bowl

How to Tell If vegetable Broth Is Bad?

Here’s what you need to examine when making certain if her vegetable stock is safe to use:

Container. If the broth is still unopened and the container is bulging, leaky, or puffed up, discard it. None of these space sure indicators the broth is off, however it’s bad much more likely 보다 not.Smell. If the liquid provides off an off, sour, or “funny” odor, it’s time to let the go. That’s the most usual sign that’s hard to miss out on in most cases. If you’re unsure, ask who else because that a second opinion. If they aren’t certain either, err on the next of caution.Appearance. Appearance transforms aren’t that frequently in broths, however it’s constantly worth checking, specifically if the leftovers already sit in the fridge for a few days. If there’s any kind of odd going on, throw the end the broth.Taste. If everything up come this point seems to it is in fine, give the broth a taste to do sure. Eat a tablespoon or two won’t make you sick, however might stop you native making soup that tastes terrible. If that tastes off, it’s excellent for.

If you’re top top the fence about any the the above, play it safe and assume the veggie broth is spoiled. Risking gaining sick from eating an old broth is never ever a great idea.

How To store Vegetable Broth

Store unopened veggie broth in a cool and also dry place, far from warm sauces. A room in the kitchen or a shelf in the pantry have to do simply fine.

Once you open the can or box, you have to refrigerate the leftovers.

If her broth comes in a resealable carton or bottle, every you require is come seal it and put it in the fridge. However if it’s no resealable, to water the leftovers right into a mason jug or plastic container. Or anything else that you deserve to seal tightly.

That’s about it when it comes to refrigerating vegetable broth.

Now, if those few days after opened aren’t long sufficient for your needs, freeze the leftover broth is one option. Let’s comment on that.

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Can you Freeze vegetables Broth?

You have the right to freeze vegetables stock, both store-bought and homemade, and also it freezes really well. In fact, many brands recommend freezing your veggie broth in instance a whole can or box is too lot for her needs.

The method is the same, no matter if you’ve purchase the broth or cooked that yourself.

Here’s exactly how you freeze vegetables broth:

Let the broth cool down if it’s the homemade variety.Portion the broth.For simple defrosting, it’s finest to frozen it in quantities needed because that a solitary meal (soup or otherwise). That’s no an problem if you currently know how you’re walk to use the leftovers. If you don’t, you can use an ice cube tray or a muffin tin. This way, you’ll finish up v a bunch of tiny portions, and no matter exactly how much broth friend need, you can defrost the amount. Make sure to leave some headspace in every container.Label the containers.If you find it useful, add labels through names and also dates to every container. That’s especially beneficial if you have actually other broths or similar liquids already in the freezer.Freeze the portions.If you’re going with a freezer container, make sure it’s sealed tightly.Repackage once frozen if needed.If friend froze the broth in ice cubes, move the cubes into a freezer bag or container as soon as they’re frozen. Again, include a label through name and also date if girlfriend like.

Done. Frozen veggie broth have the right to last for months in the freezer, however some brands recommend using it within two months for the best flavor.


Freezing doesn’t refresh an old broth. Your sort of stale veggie broth will certainly taste simply as great (or bad) after defrosting together it was prior to freezing.

Defrosting vegetables Broth

There are two methods to go around thawing veggie broth. Each has actually its pros and also cons.

Defrosting in the fridge

Thawing the broth in the refrigerator needs at least 4 to 6 hours (or overnight to be safe) but permits you to easily refreeze the leftovers if require be. Plus, if the broth is currently in liquid form, warming that up because that a soup doesn’t take that long and also doesn’t require much supervision.

Defrosting top top the stove

Using the range is a an excellent option if you’re in a hurry. The entirety operation takes less than 10 minutes (unless you’re defrosting a ton that it), but requires a bit of supervision to make sure nothing burns.

Start on low warm so the the frozen block will begin melting, and advance to medium only after you have actually a healthy (liquid at least covers the bottom) lot of broth defrosted.

Using Defrosted Veggie Broth

Once you thawed the broth, it’s finest to usage it the same day. 2 to three days is pretty lot the most you can gain until the broth is no much longer safe come use.

If you have some leftovers that you won’t use before that time, you deserve to refreeze the broth.

If you defrosted the in the refrigerator, simply transfer it earlier in the freezer, and also you’re good to go. Yet if you thawed it ~ above the stove, make certain you cook it v first, prior to you frozen it again.

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Vegetable Soup

So you made a soup with the broth, and also you have actually some follow-up questions. Let’s tackle those.

How lengthy Does vegetables Soup Last?

Vegetable soup, just like veggie broth, continues to be safe because that 3 to 4 days of cooking. Probably 5 days if you’re like me, however nothing more.

If that’s not enough, when again, freezing comes to the rescue.

Can you Freeze vegetable Soup?

You deserve to freeze vegetable soup the same way you frozen veggie broth. And also most the the soups the end there frozen pretty well.

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Now, there room a pair of points to remember to gain the many out of your veggie soup:

If possible, shot undercooking the soup a bit so the the veggies don’t finish up completely mushy after you chef the soup again ~ defrosting.Add any kind of fresh herbs just after defrosting the soup to get the most out of your flavor.Skip the noodles and include them only once you’re reheating the soup. Noodles often tend to absorb a ton the liquid, and also noodle soups don’t freeze the well. To reduce that, us postpone adding noodles to once you’re reheating the soup.