You have a bunch the leftover chicken salad, and you’re wondering how numerous days friend have prior to it spoils. Exactly how long go chicken salad last?

Or maybe you’re considering doubling your usual recipe, but you’re not certain if you’ll finish it before it goes bad.

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Sounds familiar? If so, this post is because that you.

In in, we’re walking to speak about:

shelf life – how long is chicken salad an excellent for?storing homemade (or store-bought) chicken salad – dos and also don’tsfreezing chicken salad – does the work?telling if your old chicken salad is still safe to eat

Let’s jump ideal in.

Chicken salad closeup

How lengthy Does Chicken Salad Last?

Chicken salad big 3 to 5 work if you keep it refrigerated and also in a sealed container. That’s the moment that it continues to be safe for. The second issue is how long the salad retains an excellent quality, and also it all relies on the ingredients.

If it’s a mayo-based chicken salad, it’ll likely taste quite alright because that the entirety period. But if the dressing is oil-based (e.g., vinaigrette), the salad’s quality after 3 to 4 days might not be virtually as an excellent as it was appropriate after mixing every the ingredients together.

If it’s a salad v high moisture content, the veggies can wilt and also lose your crunch after ~ a couple of days. For part people, those qualities are important; for others, no so much.

Finally, favor tuna salad or pasta salad, if her chicken salad includes any ingredients that rapidly shed quality, it can be an excellent for only a day or two.


If you’re no okay through eating a soggy chicken salad through soft veggies, try to end up yours within 2 to three days because that the finest quality.

Chicken salad plated
Let’s speak you want to carry that salad through you on a picnic.How long have the right to chicken salad sit out?

Like all foodstuffs that call for refrigeration, you must discard your chicken salad if that sits out for an ext than 2 hours. If it’s a hot summer day, that duration is reduced in fifty percent to around an hour.

That’s due to the fact that bacteria multiply rapidly in temperatures in between 40°F (4°C) and also 140°F (60°C), likewise known together the peril zone ().


If you want to lug the salad with you, either usage a portable refrigerator or eat the salad within 2 hrs of prepping that (or acquisition it from the refrigerator). And also discard any type of leftovers if they aren’t effectively refrigerated.

Chicken salad just mixed

How To store Chicken Salad

Your chicken salad have to sit in the fridge, sealed strictly in an airtight container. If your is store-bought, and you can’t reseal it easily, transfer any leftovers right into a food container and refrigerate.

If her salad includes lots that greens (like lettuce, spinach, or kale), use a bigger container and also avoid squeezing in as much as you deserve to into a single one. This way, the veggies won’t wilt together quickly and also will retain high quality for longer.

As usual, if you’re no going to end up the contents of a container in one go, constantly use clean tools when serving the salad, and never double-dip. By following this rule, you avoid microbial pollution that might cause the chicken salad to grow mold prematurely.

What if those couple of work in the refrigerator aren’t long sufficient for you? Is freeze chicken salad your method out?

Chicken salad in one airtight container

Can You freeze Chicken Salad?

Unfortunately, freezing chicken salad isn’t a great idea in most cases. The s chicken salad won’t look or taste practically as good as a fresh one. It will be for sure to eat, obviously, but its top quality really suffers in the process.

When it comes to freezing this salad, here’s what’s likely to walk sideways:

if it includes mayo or a dairy-based dressing, it will separateegg whites will turn rubberymost veggies will turn limp and also release extra water – you will finish up with a soggy chicken saladif over there are any kind of fruit pieces, most of them will certainly undergo a similar procedure to veggies, which means even an ext sogginess and no crunch

As you deserve to tell, there’s no much good that have the right to come out of freeze a chicken salad that you whipped or bought.

The great news is the cooked seed (e.g., rice or quinoa) and cooked chicken freeze well. You have the right to take benefit of this through prepping an ext grains or chicken than required (e.g., twice as much) and freezing the extra.

This way, as soon as you want to do the salad, girlfriend thaw the chicken and grains, and prep only the veggies, fruits, and dressing.That speeds points up at the very least a bit, add to the salad you finish up with is in reality tasty.

Another chicken salad in one airtight container

How to Tell If Chicken Salad Is Bad?

Discard your chicken salad if:

There’s mold ~ above the surface.If friend see any fuzzy action, throw out every one of the leftovers. The same applies if the looks off in any kind of other way.The salad smells funny.If her nose claims that salad is no good, get rid of it right away there is no tasting it.It sit in the fridge for also long.If the salad is in the frozen fridge for choose 6 or 7 job already, simply ditch it. It might still be it s okay to eat, yet you never ever know.It tastes off.If whatever up come this suggest seems okay, give that salad a taste. If you an alert that other isn’t rather right, it’s time for the dish to go.

Chicken salad ingredients
Besides the above, pay attention to the humidity that tends to gather on the bottom of the container. That’s especially true for salads with an oil-based dressing.

If there’s several water, and that salad currently sits in the fridge for choose 4 days, take into consideration discarding the for security reasons. That liquid is a great place for any bacteria come grow and also multiply, and consuming that might not it is in the smartest point to do.

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If her salad gets watery quickly, think about storing it without the dressing and also storing the salad dressing separately. Or whipping a new portion that the dressing at any time you want to eat the salad, if feasible. This way, the salad can retain quality and also safety because that longer.