When you do pulled pork, opportunities are you’ll have actually a lot of leftovers. This is fantastic because it will taste just as great a work or two from now as the did as soon as it was freshly made.

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Of course as it “ages” the gets better than ever. That’s because the seasonings continue to infuse and also mix your flavor right into the meat. Just naturally more delicious.

But how long is traction pork great for in this left over state? go pork meat have to be eaten any type of sooner than other kinds of meats, or can you eek out a solid week of it in the fridge? Or also eat it month from now from frozen?

These space valid questions, and of food it depends on exactly how you both store and reheat her pulled pork.

Don’t worry, it’s not too complicated, and in this short article we’ll failure how to ideal save her pulled pork and also methods for reheating, reusing and frankly, re-enjoying.

Then we’ll look at a recipe because that making delicious pulled pork carnitas in ~ home and what to execute with the leftovers since trust me, you’ll have actually a TON the leftovers.

Saving your Leftover traction Pork for Later


The best means to thaw out that pork as soon as you need it is to refrigerate the overnight, then put it in cold water until it’s completely unfrozen.

Just like any type of other leftover meat, you’ll have to reheat the pork to about 165 degrees before it’s good to go again.

If the pork end up a small bit dry, you can simmer that in part broth or several of that tasty original sauce if you saved it top top the stovetop to make it great as new.

Get it approximately 250 degrees and also you’re all set to go, similar to it came ideal out the the press cooker again. Girlfriend can additionally reheat it in your smoker; just monitor the temp and also watch because that dryness.

If you’re searching for a quicker method than ~ above the stovetop, girlfriend can easily pop it pork in the microwave instead.

Just store in mind, microwaves have tendency to reheat things unevenly, for this reason make certain you line up that pork frequently to make sure every little thing is cook up.

What to do with Leftover traction Pork?

Once you have that pork reheated, girlfriend can quickly use it because that so plenty of different things.

Other 보다 a straightforward BBQ pulled pork sandwich with great toppings, below are simply some mexico dishes you can throw with each other petty quickly:

TacosTaquitosBurritosQuesadillasMexican format pizzaLay end avocadosRice/Pork burrito bowlLayer into nachos

That pulled pork is a really versatile food, providing you a ton of choices for what you deserve to do with it once you have actually it thawed out. Think salads, casseroles, pasta, and also anything you can do through pulled/shredded chicken.

Making your Pulled Pork – “LA” Style

Unsurprisingly, you have the right to easily find some good recipes online that lays out the whole thing because that you step by step.

With only five minutes of prep time needed prior to your traction pork is ready to get in your pressure cooker prefer an instapot and start cooking, this is a stupid straightforward recipe that any type of cook of any kind of level can obtain down.


All friend really need are a few spices, a decent cut of pork and a slow-moving cooker, climate you’re front of the game.

For the reduced of pork, ns recommend one of two people shoulder, one of two people bone-in or bone out. The going to fall off that bone after the time in the slow cooker anyways, for this reason I’d know if you want to conserve yourself the trouble of fishing that bone the end later.

The many important component is making certain the meat is skinless therefore the mix the cumin, olive oil, oregano, onion, salt, pepper and jalapeno deserve to marinade in that slow cooker, providing it that iconic LA carnitas flavor.


Once you have whatever in the slow-moving cooker, now it’s simply a waiting game.

You’ll desire to cook that pork on short for 10 hours or on high for six hours. Any an ext will dry it out and also make it also tough and stringy and also any much less will leaving you v raw pork, a significant no-no.


After her pork comes the end of the slow-moving cooker, your following step is to piece it up right into delicious, bite-sized pieces. It need to be tender sufficient to just tear apart through two forks, offering you those tasty shredded chucks to go on her carnitas taco or in your quesadilla maker.

This shouldn’t take an ext than around ten minutes or so, relying on the dimension of the roast friend chose. The bigger it is, the much longer it would require to carve up.


For next level traction pork experiences, the super vital to brown the pork in its very own juices in a cast iron or electric skillet.

In fact, now that you know just how long pulled pork is good for, you have the right to use this browning an approach as a method to reheat and also crisp up leftover pork.

The vital is to conserve as plenty of of those natural pork juices mixed with the broth you placed in the press cooker in ~ the start, then delivering that right into the pan because that browning later. That’s a major key to acquiring that authentic, Mexican-style taste.

You’ll want to collect only about 2 cup max of the leftover juice. That would be the perfect amount for the browning process.

If you have any extra past those two cups, litter it in a different container and also save it for later. That will come in handy when you’re reheating that pork later on on.

Here’s a step-by-step overview to what you’ll require for marinating and cooking her pulled pork carnitas tacos:


3 pounds boneless or bone-in pork shoulder, reduced into little 1½-inch pieces1 cup homemade chicken stock or low-sodium chicken broth for use in the pressure cookerYour 2 tbsp the cumin, 1 tbsp of olive oil, 21/2 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of black color pepper, 1 tbsp of oregano, 4 cloves of minced garlic and 1 totality jalapeno marinade1 tablespoon the salt

You’ll additionally want some warmth corn tortillas, one of two people homemade or store-bought space fine, some chopped white onion, a couple of lime wedges and also some shredded cabbage ready to optimal off those tacos.

If she feeling an especially adventurous, you deserve to throw part homemade guacamole, Pico de Gallo or salsa on height to really make those spices pop.

This tasty pork goes fine with almost everything yet some of my favorites space with delicious mexico fried rice or sheathe up into a large burrito.

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If it is too complicated for you, here’s a YouTube video clip to rest it down for you.