Hey guys, for this reason I'm much more of a camper, however I'm looking right into doing the Northern woodland Canoe Trail later on this summer. I've make the efforts to execute a tiny research ~ above how much you can gain in a day on a canoe and also I've come throughout numbers in the 15-20 mile range. Execute you agree with this number? I've just done shorter trips (an overnight trip here and there) and also I wasn't travel the whole day ~ above the river so ns don't have a good gauge the potential everyday range.

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All aid is appreciated!


Hard to say, however I paddle mine Wenonah combination 14' solo boat with kayak paddle in ~ 2.5 to 3.5 mph (GPS) on flat lake water. And also 3.5 cannot be sustained. I don't do lot river paddling.

No idea how somebody can do 120 mi 16 hours. That's like 7+ mph. Holy crap.

No idea just how somebody have the right to do 120 mi 16 hours. That's prefer 7+ mph. Holy crap.

Obsessive amounts of training. I placed in about 250 hours or about 1,500 miles of training over a 5 month span that spring/summer.

30 lb 2 guy carbon fiber racing boat.

6oz carbon fiber paddles.

Eating ~ above the move and also drinking through a tube in a bottle, resupplied through a committed pit team.

The really fast guys carry out it in 14.5 hours.

It's possible, however not other many civilization have the moment or desire come try. Not that ns blame them... Sometimes I wonder to myself why the hell I do this....

My uncle Canoed indigenous Minnesota come just short of the gulf in about 16 days. It to be over 2000 mile non stop

Depends on your fitness and also your endure in a canoe. I've excellent 120 mile in 16 hrs once, yet you're dead after ~ that.

15-20 miles going downstream or on a lake over 4-6 hours sounds an extremely relaxing and also reasonable to me. (Take a rest for lunch someplace in the middle.

Downstream end a totality day, (8+ hours), you could probably technique 40 miles through easy but consistent paddling.

Wow, that's much more than i anticipated.

A many the NFCT is open lakes yet there are some portions that room rivers and also a couple of portages. Clearly the portages will sluggish the overall pace however it appears that I've underestimate the ability of traveling via canoe.

Thanks for the insight.

I greatly do level open water (lakes/bays).

20 miles in someday is a lot for two paddlers and gear through mild choppiness.

I should have specified that there will actually be two of us. Therefore obviously the leads to much faster speeds/farther range.

But many thanks for the numbers, your selection is much more in line with what I've review elsewhere.

I uncover 15km/day solo is lots because that me. This will encompass several portages of course. Ns don't paddle horrible fast however it is the ill knees the limit me.

Well I will say that you deserve to do some big mileage days, however it's not funny at all. If you room doing level water through 2 people and a canoe in the boat, you space looking at 2.5-3mph optimum. When you include in wind and waves and also navigation, this can be severely hindered.

If friend are simply doing open stretches the water and no portages you might do 30 miles in an 8-10 hour day. But you will be dead. 12-14 v portages is a huge day and also you will additionally be exhausted.

The best day I ever before had to be 13 miles and also 10 portages ~ above a expedition in the BWCAW. However that was through a raft guide and also myself (a nice seasoned paddler) navigating with two stout fellows increase front chugging away. The portages we had actually down come a cinch by the time. We did all the in about 5.5 hours. Yet we were absolutely dead.

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So plan for a lot less mileage than optimum, and also take the easy and also enjoy her trip and not occupational yourself to death.