Afros space cool hairstyles for curly hair men. Growing an afro is fairly an experience and also the following are 4 tips to thrive the perfect afro because that those curly men.

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To prosper an afro, one requirements to understand what one is doing! Afros are hairstyles specifically suited for those men with the tighter curls in the range of III come V. This way that no every guy with curly hair can thrive an afro for you should inherently have the curl type to be able to pull it. If girlfriend are among those males with curly hair in the less tighter varieties (I & II) and also still desire to have actually a hairstyle the puffs out and also just look at diesel, climate I suggest you look into the Jim Morrison hairstyle which is, in level terms, the afro hairstyle because that the white guy!


This is my type III afro native the back, click here for the front!

To grow the perfect afro, you must pay near attention and also follow this 4 tips:

Tip 1 because that the Perfect Afro: Be prepared to grow your curly hair

To grow an afro, you require plenty of curl length. This way that you have to be willing to flourish your curls come at the very least a medium length. Depending on your curly hair type, girlfriend will require a minimum hair size for your afro v the following extended lengths accountancy for every of the curly hair types:

– kind III: 3 inches needed

– form IV: 4 customs needed

– form V: 5 inches needed

Your hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month so do the calculations according to your present hair length and also curl type. If you at this time have 1 customs of kind IV curly hair, girlfriend will need at the very least 6 months to gain your afro. Be afflicted with this in mind because in these considerable timeframes, numerous things (outside the hair) can occur.

Tip 2 because that the Perfect Afro: Ditch the comb

Stop wicker now! From now on, thou shalt litter away your comb and use your fingers to groom your curls and puff castle out. Girlfriend can also use a pick to aid detangle her curls and keep the afro in great shape. Traditional combs and also hairbrushes will certainly disrupt the shape and health of your curly hair and hence her afro so it is command to walk the broad tooth comb/finger/hair pick method (use the 3 with each other for best results)

Tip 3 because that the Perfect Afro: Get the ideal trim for her afro

To flourish an afro, you need to start with your hair at the same length all around. This way that you must get a haircut for your curly hair that has any type of disparities in hair size corrected. Ns recommend those curly hair men wanting to prosper an afro to begin from a brief length (1-2 inches) and also then allow their curly hair to flourish without any further haircut or trims. This way, girlfriend will acquire used to having actually an also hair size all around and also will likewise have fresh grown healthy and balanced hair to boot when you reach her afro length!

Tip 4 for the Perfect Afro: Keep her afro moisturized

Curly hair in the variety III come V (coily, kinky, nappy) is predisposed to gift dry due to the nature that the curl’s shape. Girlfriend must battle dryness, which reasons frizzy hair, at all costs. This way keeping your hair moisturized all the moment by cutting down on shampoo frequency to much less than 3 times every week, preventing hairbrushes and conventional combs, and making certain you use a conditioner while staying clear of gels and hair sprays.


 Lenny Kravitz is a curly dude who influenced me to grow my afro!

Growing an afro is certainly a journey. You must be prepared and take good care in keeping your afro mane looking the part.

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One afro because that curly hair men is a diesel hairstyle i beg your pardon will enhance your curly hair and also your image. What is more, controlling your ‘fro will certainly not it is in as challenging as it seems with these 4 tips to flourish the perfect afro!