What does a garden of topsoil weigh? follow to thrive Your Yard, a cubic garden of topsoil can weigh 1,400 to over 2,000 pounds. The specific answer depends on the soil’s moisture and whether it consists of rocks, sand, debris, or other impurities. 40 pounds of topsoil fill around 0.75 cubic feet.

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How lot does a garden of topsoil weigh, and how carry out you discover how much you need? The answer to the first question depends on those in the soil, and the answer come the second requires a tiny math.

In this article, I’ll define what topsoil is, how to measure it, what a cubic yard looks like, and also how much topsoil weighs.


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Fill dirt Vs Topsoil

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There are two main species of dirt: fill dirt and also topsoil. The previous lies listed below topsoil and is commonly composed that rockier, much less organic material. It’s frequently used to to fill holes or elevate the ground. It offers a sturdier base due to the fact that it doesn’t break down as lot as topsoil.

Topsoil is the darker-colored, uppermost layer of dirt. It’s generally 4 come 12 inches deep and has much more organic material and nutrients 보다 fill dirt. Many soil activity by microorganisms wake up in this layer. This and that fact that that provides more oxygen to plants makes it better for gardening.

However, due to the fact that it contains more organic matter, topsoil often tends to breakdown as air pockets collapse. This provides it suitable only for the uppermost layer of a landscape. It’s also much more vulnerable 보다 fill dust to erosion. Therefore, always place topsoil over to fill dirt after ~ the fill dirt has been set.

Measuring Topsoil

Topsoil is commonly measured in cubic yards. A cubic garden is 27 cubic feet, and also a cubic foot is 12x12x12 inches.

Dirt relationships outlines two techniques you deserve to use to determine exactly how much topsoil you need:

Method 1

Suppose you have a flower bed that’s 6 inch deep, 12 feet long, and also 12 feet wide. Follow these steps:

Convert all measurements to feet. Six inch is 0.5 feet.Find the variety of cubic feet by multiply the dimensions: 0.5x2x12 feet = 72 cubic feet.Find the number of cubic yards by separating the number of cubic feet through 27.72 cubic feet / 27 cubic feet = 2.67 cubic yards to fill your flower bed.

Method 2

Suppose you have a flower bed through the same dimensions together before.

This time, convert the dimensions in feet and also inches into yards. There space 36 inches in a yard, so 6 inches is 0.167 yards. There space 3 feet in a yard, for this reason 12 feet is 4 yards.Multiply the size in yards to uncover the variety of cubic yards. 0.167 yards x 4 yards x 4 yards = 2.67 cubic yards.

How much Does Topsoil Weigh?

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According to Dirt Connections, a cubic yard of topsoil weighs around 1,080 pounds. However, debris and also moisture deserve to make it heavier. Grow Your Yard claims that topsoil can weigh between 1,400 and also 2,000 or an ext pounds. Due to the fact that topsoil has less sediment 보다 fill dirt, the weight tends to be an ext consistent.

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Because 1,080 is such a heavy load, Dirt relations recommends always having a company deliver dust to her home.

What walk A Cubic yard Look Like?

Greg that Adams Fairacre Farms explains that 1 cubic garden of anything will fill a 10×10-foot space, 3 customs deep: