Microwaves vary based upon how plenty of amps lock use and their distinct electrical requirements. Conventional microwaves normally use 8.3 amps, however factors such together wattage ultimately determine it. Whether it it is in wattage, microwave size, or the circuit, let’s take a look in ~ how many amps your microwave uses.


You can uncover at the very least one microwave in everyone’s house nowadays. But the microwave stove was not really a thing until the 80s. In fact, just a quarter of dwellings in America had actually a microwave oven in 1986, and also by 2008 the number was as much as 95%. However how much do you really know about your microwave oven?

A standard 1,000-watt microwave uses 8.3 amps, but it have the right to use as little as 4.5 watts. Your 700-watt microwave might use only 5.8 amps. It is okay to place most produced microwaves on a 20-amp circuit there is no damaging the unit or circuit.

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Microwave cooktop WattageRelated Questions

But How plenty of Amps walk It really Use?

Interestingly, the manufacturers and electricians will certainly both tell you that you require at least a 15- to 20-amp circuit. The reason for this is that even though your microwave range puts out 1,000 watts, the does not mean it only uses that much. In fact, a 1,000-watt microwave stove will commonly use around 1,700 watts.

To acquire the amperage, you need to divide the watts (1,700) used by the volts (120). 1,700 split by 120 is 14.2 amps so your microwave cooktop will require at the very least a 15-amp circuit all by itself. However, if everyone plugs noþeles else into that circuit, you are going to be tripping the breakers often. It is much better to usage a 20-amp circuit to be on the safe side.

Microwave cooktop Wattage

If you carry out not have any type of idea how numerous watts your microwave range uses, there room several methods to discover out. First of all, it must be in her owner’s manual. However, plenty of of us either threw it far or lost it around a main after acquiring the microwave oven, right?

If friend cannot discover your owner’s manual, girlfriend can always look in your microwave stove to discover out. In many cases, both the input and output wattage should be listed right on the inner part of the door. If not, watch on one of the inside walls of her microwave oven. Friend will additionally see the voltage, which is normally 120.

Try Boiling some Water

There is a less precise way to determine your microwave oven’s wattage. The is no as professional, yet it is sort of interesting. It is the cook test. How long it takes her microwave range to boil one cup of water will provide you the answer you need. Check out the table below.

WattageTime Water Takes come Boil

This is Not an accurate Science

There space some constraints to this method though. An initial of all, the water might boil at a various time depending on the container you put it in. If you usage a usual ceramic coffee mug, these times will work-related fine. However, that is easier to see once the water boils in a glass. Just use a special glass choose a glass measure up cup and the results must be the same just like your coffee cup.

The Amps and the Watts

If you space concerned around how plenty of amps your microwave cooktop uses due to the fact that of her circuits, it can be a little different scenario. You space only claimed to load up come 80% that the rating on every little thing circuit girlfriend use. So, if you have a 1,000-watt microwave range that pulls in 1,700 watts, you cannot usage a 15-amp circuit.

To identify the wattage that have the right to be used for a circuit, you main point the amps through the volts. If you have actually a 15-amp circuit on 120 volts, the maximum watts that it can administer is 1,800. And 80% of 1,800 is 1,440. The is not enough to strength a 1,000-watt microwave oven. If you use a 20-amp circuit, the maximum watts is 1,920 for this reason that would certainly be sufficient for a 1,000-watt microwave oven.

Further, if you have actually a 1,500-watt microwave oven, it will certainly use around 2,550 watts at full capacity. Because that a microwave oven of that power, you room going to need a 30-amp circuit. A 30-amp circuit can carry out 3,600 watts but due to the fact that you can only use 80% of the power, the maximum output would be 2,880 watts.

Give the Microwave its own Circuit

It is essential to have actually your microwave top top its own circuit, no issue how many amps the uses. That is since the microwave can pull huge amounts of amps in ~ times as soon as it an initial starts or as soon as it alters cycles.

As stated above, most microwaves deserve to be put on a 20-amp circuit. Yet if the is an ext than 1,100 watts, you will certainly need much more than that. Because that example, a 1,200-watt microwave cooktop pulls in about 2,040 watts. That way you would require a 25-amp circuit to provide enough power for that because it can handle as much as 2,400 at 80%.

Using expansion Cords

Even though big appliances are not typically claimed to be powered by an expansion cord, occasionally you have no choice. If you need to use an expansion cord, girlfriend will need to make certain it has a cable gauge the will support the input current. Because that example:

5.1 amp needs 24-gauge wire6.3 amps need 22-gauge wire8.9 amps require 20-gauge wire11.4 amps need 18-gauge wire13.9 amps need 16-gauge wire17.7 amps require 14-gauge wire24 amps need 12-gauge wire32.9 amps require 10-gauge wire

So, if you have actually a 1,500-watt microwave range operating on 120 volts, it needs 16-gauge wire due to the fact that it requirements an amperage of 12.5.

Input and Output Wattages

There is no electrical an equipment that is 100% efficient so some of the watts space going to gain lost in the process. In the case of a microwave oven, much of the input power is lost prior to it deserve to be convert to microwaves. In fact, just under 60% of that input is wasted. That is why your 1,000-watt microwave needs around 1,700 watt to perform the task that the advertises.

Related Questions

How do I know if mine Microwave is Malfunctioning?

Sometimes, a circuit breaker will trip as result of the microwave (or an additional appliance) malfunctioning. If the microwave is overloading the circuit also though the is not pulling more watts than is recommended, the could it is in a faulty microwave. To check the microwave, take it the following steps:

Step One: Plug that In.Plugin your microwave cooktop in one area with a greater amp such as in her garage or workroom.

Step Two: rotate it On. Turn on your microwave oven and also see what happens.

Step Three: If that Trips.If that circuit breaker trips too, it is the microwave malfunctioning, no the circuit breaker. You must either remove it or gain it fixed.

Step Four: If the Does no Trip.If the circuit breaker does not trip, that way there is nothing wrong through the microwave. You must plug her microwave into a circuit with greater amps.

How many Watts is good for a Microwave?

In most cases, 1,000 watt is a great amount that wattage because that your home microwave. That would be considered an median power for microwave ovens. Of course, the much more watts her microwave has, the more power the has. With much more power, her food will obtain cooked much more evenly and also faster.

Power RatingWattage
Low Power500 to 900 watts
Medium Power1,000 to 1,150 watts
High Power1,200 and above

For a much better description of exactly how wattage matters, look in ~ the size of time the takes for her microwave stove to cook a baked potato. For example:

500 watt will cook one small potato in 8:06 minutes1,000 watts will cook one small potato in 4:03 minutes1,200 watts will chef one baked potato in 3:10 minutes1,600 watt will chef one baked potato in 2:20 minutesCan I boost the Amperage in mine Breaker Box?

Before you increase the amps of any kind of of your circuit breakers in the breaker box, you should talk come a experienced electrician. The breakers are very closely calculated when your home is wired, making certain the electrical system will certainly not overload the wiring.

If you to be to boost the amps of among your breakers without knowing what you room doing, you could cause an electrical overload or even a fire. However, if you talk to an electrician and they provide you the go-ahead, the job is yes, really not also difficult.

Step One: rotate Off the Power.Always revolve the strength off when you space working ~ above anything electric in her home. Test it by turning on a irradiate or making use of an outlet come make sure it is off.

Step Two: eliminate the Panel.Take the external panel off by removed the screws and also pulling the cover off.

Step Three: removing the Circuit Breaker.Pull the circuit breaker the you desire to change out of the box. It need to come best out.

Step Four: placed in the new Breaker.

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Make certain it is not higher than the electrician approved. Put the panel earlier on and turn the power on. That’s all there is to it.