Apricots are a member that the rose family, along with peaches, plums, cherries, and also almonds.

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Apricot tree do best in pleasant climates. The mean Apricot tree grow 12-15 feet high (3.5 to 4.5 metres.) From very first planting, the takes a tree about 4 year to become a good producer, and from that suggest it will flourish fruit for 20 come 25 years. The fruit is nearly perfectly round, smaller sized in dimension than a peach and about the size of a plum. The golden skin will certainly be slightly fuzzy. The fruit ripens finish of July come mid-August (in California, mid-May come July.) as it ripens, the inside layers end up being woody and also eventually kind the stone. The rock is oval and also smooth, and also easily comes out from the fruit, unlike some of the clingstone ranges of peaches. The stone’s centre goes top top to kind into one almond-shaped kernel, which is the actual seed that the tree.

Apricot ranges include: New big Early, beforehand Moor Park, Hemskerk, Breda, and also Moor Park. Vital Apricot producing nations are unified States, brand-new Zealand, Australia, Chile and also Morocco (despite Morocco’s no being what girlfriend would think about a pleasant country.)

Apricots perform not take trip well — much less than one-quarter the Apricots are also shipped new to our grocery store stores. Apricots space picked when they have good colour and come turn off the tree without tearing, but prior to they are fully ripened. Producers have to do this due to the fact that Apricots are very delicate fruit and also bruise an extremely easily. Only when they are firm can they it is in shipped and arrive looking prefer anything you would want to buy. Unfortunately, Apricots are among those fruits that as soon as picked have a problem with ripening afterward. That true the you can ripen castle a bit further at home to improve the colour, juiciness and texture, yet the flavour and also sweetness are fixed when the fruit leaves the tree.

Ironically, since Apricots destined for commercial processing deserve to be left on the trees longer, crate Apricots finish up having a lot fuller flavour (the nutrient loss during processing is very slight.) This is additionally why store-bought Apricot Preserves will taste much more Apricot-ty than your fresh ones in the bowl. Three-quarters of all Apricots grown end up at shop in a handle format.

When you room buying new Apricots, choose reasonably firm ones and avoid any with large bruises (the bruised components turn mooshy and also lose any type of flavour the they go have.) everything the color of the skin, i m sorry can variety from burnt orange come pale yellow depending upon the variety, the colour should be relatively uniform through no tinges of green. When you acquire them home, ripen lock up for a work or 2 until they room soft come the touch.

Cooking Tips

You shouldn’t need to peel one Apricot, unless you run into one that has determined to be very fuzzy. Simply wash, cut through them every the way around come the stone, climate twist apart and pull the rock out. When cut and also exposed come air, Apricots will darken quickly. So, either nothing dawdle as soon as you have opened castle up, or dip lock in lemon or pineapple juice to avoid this. Sugar will also do the trick, if what you are making calls for it.


Peaches, Nectarines.


An excellent resource of beta-carotene, which transforms to Vitamin A as soon as processed by our bodies;

High in vitamin C and also potassium;Fewer than 20 calories per fruit.

Apricots originally grew in temperate parts of Asia together as northern China and also the Himalayas. Over there is evidence that they to be deliberately farmed over there as early on as 2000 BC. They operated their way westwards indigenous Asia come the Arabic world, and also thence right into the Mediterranean. A story has developed that it was Alexander the good who lugged them all the method from China to greece in the 4th century BC, which seems rather unlikely given that Alexander didn’t live long sufficient to walk to China.

The Romans didn’t have actually apricots at first, however they walk by 200 A.D. The arsenal of recipes attributed to the roman inn gourmet, Apicius, videotaped recipes for them.

Apricots seem to have actually disappeared native Europe after the roman Empire, until the Arabs re-introduced them when they conquered and also occupied Spain. Throughout the time that Henry 8th, they made the leap indigenous Italy to England. Spanish monks brought Apricot trees to California in the late 1700s, and by 1792 California had actually its very first recorded chop south of san Francisco. Today, the United says produces ninety percent of the world Apricot crop.

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Literature & Lore

How you pronounce Apricot usually depends on whereby you are. How have actually you to be pronouncing the in her head as you review through this?

The English indigenous “Apricot” (and the French indigenous “abricot”) originates from the Latin native “praecocia” i beg your pardon meant beforehand ripening. Praecocia gave us our English native “precocious”. The English Elizabethan writer Geffrey Whitney made a pat on words between Latin and English once he offered one of his poems a Latin title, “Praecocia non diuturna”. Though the poem is ostensibly about fruit, and begins “The fruicte the soonest ripes, doth soonest fade awaie”, that is clearly talking around precocious people fading as quick as lock bloom.

Really clever readers will already have make the leap to the surname of the month of April, and also to its Latin forebear “Aprilis” an interpretation to open, as in flowers opening in the spring. But don’t acquire too clever: remember, “praecocia no diuturna.”