Bagels have a negative reputation as a dieter"s nightmare: one plain bagel consists of 290 calories and 59 grams that carbs. Since a totally carb-free diet isn"t the healthiest method to keep pounds turn off or maintain a healthy and balanced weight, go ahead and also enjoy a warm, toasted bagel every therefore often. They"re no all together unhealthy together everyone thinks, especially if you pick one made with entirety wheat flour, whole grains, or seeds. It additionally depends top top what spread you pick to smear on. Check out the chart listed below to see just how they compare.

Spread(1 oz, around 2 tbsp)Cal.Fat/Sat.Fat (g)Chol. (mg)Sod.

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Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Cream cheese10010/6351051012
Light cream cheese706/3.5201402022
Fat-free cream cheese300/052102004
Whipped cream cheese898.9/5.2301331.501.51.5
Garden vegetables cream cheese807/4.5201602012
Light garden vegetables cream cheese705/3.5201902022
Strawberry cream cheese806/4201105041
Honey seed cream cheese807/4151054031
Greek cream cheese603/210853034
Cottage cheese, low-fat411.1/.771832.701.85.5
Lox (4 oz.)1324.9/1262,26000020.7
Salted butter20423/14.661164000.2
Earth Balance20322/702400000
Strawberry preserves1000/000260180
Butter and preserves (1 tbsp. The each)15211.5/7.330.593.51309.1
Natural peanut butter, no salt19016/2007318
Almond butter, no salt19016/1.5006427
Avocado (half)16114/7/2.1078.66.7.72