Now, us all know that Cognac has various health and wellness benefits (if spend in moderation the is!) – not least its capability to help you unwind after a stressful day. But do we require to worry about how numerous calories room in a shooting of our favourite eaux-de-vie? therefore – will Cognac make you fat?

Okay, okay – if you’re on a strictly diet, then yes, every little thing that passes her lips needs to be accounting for. Yet in regular life, ns don’t think numerous of us count Cognac as part of our everyday food intake. The wellness reps that the europe Union, however, think we should be worrying around it. In fact, we deserve to now view that the industry is start to lean towards alcoholic drinks needing to label calorie and also nutrition levels.

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So through that in mind, this is a list – in calorific order because that a continuous sized offer – reflecting how many pesky calorie you ingest every time friend swallow various different drinks.

Coffee – A measly 1-2 calories per cup – if you take it it black. But start including in sugar, milk or cream, and also you can be looking at up to 344 if you’re not careful. In i beg your pardon cases, coffee would be in ~ number 10 in this list, not number 2Orange cordial – also though it’s mainly water, this infant still clocks up around 38 calories each time friend drink a glassHow countless calories are in a shot of Cognac? A 30ml shot provides around 64 calories, of i m sorry there room 0g the fat, carbs, or protein (In fact, all spirits, including vodka, whisky and also gin have about the very same calorific value) Prosecco – a tiny glass (105ml) provides 69 calories.Milk – a glass (200ml) that semi skimmed gives 92 calories.Dr Pepper – this favorite us drink gives 100 calories every cup (8 fl.oz).Orange Juice – 1 constant cup of OJ provides 112 calories. It’s also high in carbs.White alcohol – a 150ml glass provides 122 calories.Red wine – slightly much more fattening, through a 150ml glass offering you with 125 calories.Coke – a can of coke (330ml) provides you v 139 calories. Yet there’s a vast amount of sugar in right here as well. No so great if you trying to shed a few pounds.

So over there you have it! If you just look in ~ the numbers, and also ignore that alcoholic beverages room obviously a potential risk to your health and wellness when over-consumed, Cognac is in truth the finest alcoholic drink to reap if she looking to keep down the calories… It’s less fattening than milk or orange juice!

In fact, Cognac has numerous health benefits that are often overlooked.

Of food we’re not advocating the you gain a glass of Cognac for breakfast over her OJ…. Every nutritionist would tell you, it’s all about the ideal balance.


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