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Hi All,I am obtaining a coop built soon - 8x12 shed that i will then outfit as a coop inside. The coop will certainly be within a 200x200 fence paddock that the chicken will share with 2 sheepLooking to acquire some good layers and also dual-purpose birds. How countless chickens can comfortably to the right in a 8x12 shed? They will certainly be let the end every day.
Thats 96 square feet. Together a general rule human being like to give them 4 square feet every bird in there residence so that around 24 birds.

From my suffer you would certainly be much more content, and also the birds an ext comfortable, by giving each bird 8 square feet. As soon as you home the maximum number every square foot, you will certainly have much more moisture develop up in the winter months and their litter/bedding will certainly soil much more quickly and an ext prone to have actually ammonia develop up if not cleaned the end often, which can lead to respiratory problems. I bed v pine hardwood shavings and also by providing each bird 8 square feet, your pens don"t come to be soiled as well soon and the shavings help control odor.

I agree through theporkstork. Just because you can fit that many into the space, doesn"t typical you SHOULD. Everyone will certainly be much happier if they have means more room than they need.
Being together the OP has actually a 40 thousand square foot lot for them i don"t think 24 birds would certainly feel overfilled in the space that generally could hold 4000+ birds.
We constructed our coop from an old 8x12 shed. We kept the bones of the building and included the rest. We have actually 9 birds currently. Began with 13 a year ago. The 9 bird do an excellent on two roosts in the coop. Agree about not wanting too many or it will get stinky fast. Right now have 8 guinea keets being preserved in the coop in a brooder box ideal now. As soon as they are big enough, they will certainly be enabled to walk out and also free-range v the girls. Don"t know if lock will want to roost in the coop or if they will head for the trees. If they remain in the coop in ~ night, I"ll have actually to include another roost. Don"t know exactly how to article pictures, however hubby did a pretty great job because that being a computer system geek

Being together the OP has a 40 thousand square foot lot for them i don"t think 24 birds would certainly feel crowded in the room that generally might hold 4000+ birds.

Exactly! The OP is in Owen Sound (Ontario) which has actually severe winters. 3 foot snow accumulation is not uncommon. My hen won"t leave the coop once there"s 6 inches of snow on the ground unless I shovel the end a strip of pen and also put straw down.Course, my hens might be spoiled rincess:I"d walk with whatever will fit in the coop comfortably throughout the winter.

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I have 23 bird in a 8x12 coop, there appears to be plenty that room. They space just beginning to complimentary range. In winter they room going to have to attend to the confinement once snows room heavy yet that"s the method it goes when you"re a bird (there"s constantly plenty of room in the freezer for those that don"t choose it).
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