Top Answer. Explanation: The diploid cabinet of elephant have 56 chromosome that way the daughter cabinet of mitosis will likewise have 56 chromosome together it is a diploid cabinet . The sperm and egg cabinet both space haploid hence these cells will likewise have 28 chromosome every .

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Click come see complete answer Furthermore, how numerous Diploids carry out elephants have?

The diploid chromosome number in the Indian elephant was found to be 2n=56.

Additionally, how countless chromosomes execute African elephants have? 56 chromosomes

an in similar way one may ask, how many chromosomes room in an elephant egg cell?

The muscle cells of one elephant save 62 chromosomes. How numerous chromosomes room in an elephant egg cell? A bacterium deserve to reproduce conveniently by separating into 2 cells.

Are all pet cells diploid?

Cells and organisms with pairs of homologous chromosomes are dubbed diploid. For example, many animals are diploid and also produce haploid gametes. All plants and also many fungi and also algae switch between a haploid and also a diploid state, with among the step emphasized end the other. This is dubbed alternation that generations.

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How numerous chromosomes do snakes have?

36 chromosomes

How numerous chromosomes does a banana have?

33 chromosomes

What animal has 32 chromosomes?

List of organisms by chromosome count
organism (Scientific name) Chromosome number
American badger (Taxidea taxus) 32
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) 32
Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) 34
Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) 34

How plenty of chromosomes do dolphins have?

44 chromosomes

How countless chromosomes room in a human?


What has the least amount that chromosomes?

To date, the organism with the least variety of chromosomes is the masculine Australian ant, Myrmecia pilosula, v one chromosome per cell (male ants are normally haploid—that is, they have half the number of typical chromosomes if the woman ant has 2 chromosomes every cell).

How many chromosomes does Rice have?


How many chromosomes do blue whales have?

44 chromosomes

How many chromosomes are in a elephant?

Answer 1:
biology # of chromosomes
Human 46
Elephant 56
Woolly Mammoth 58
Kangaroo 16

How numerous chromosomes carry out potatoes have?


How plenty of chromosomes do shrimp have?

A lot of animals and plants space diploid, yet not all of them have a total variety of 46. Mosquitoes, for instance have a diploid chromosome variety of six, frogs have 26 and also shrimp have a whopping 508 chromosomes!

How countless chromosomes carry out spiders have?

Thus, this is the first record the the karyotype formula 2n(male) = 21 = 20+X v biarmed chromosomes because that a theridiid spider. In contrast, the karyotype with 2n(male) = 22, the X1X2 sex chromosome system and also acrocentric chromosomes uncovered in many N.

How countless chromosomes do monkeys have?

48 chromosomes

What organism has actually the most chromosomes?

Human has 46 variety of chromosome and also you would be surprised to know around Ophioglossum, i beg your pardon has the greatest chromosome counting of any known living organism, v 1,260 chromosomes. This fern has approximately 630 pairs of chromosomes or 1260 chromosomes every cell.

How numerous chromosomes execute dogs have?

In dogs, 38 pairs of autosomes (non-sex chromosomes) have the right to be uncovered in every nucleus, because that a full of 76 chromosomes plus the 2 sex chromosomes (X and also Y) for a grand complete of 78. During conception, a dog gets one copy of each chromosome from each parent.

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How numerous chromosomes does a carrot have?

26 chromosomes

How countless chromosomes perform fish have?

Most fishes have between 40 and 60 chromosomes, v 48 a generally embraced number for part common genealogical fish. The evolution of the fishes, consisting of the generation of new species, has principally connected the mechanisms of chromosome rearrange ment and chromosome duplication.
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