When we composed last week about one of those marvelous recycling mysteries — Why is sales tax charged on soda have the right to ‘deposit’? — we were unprepared for the onslaught that frustrated and also angry folks saying they’re ripped off left and also right:

Gary Hart of Westminster traipsed indigenous recycling center to recycling center and couldn’t find one that would count his plastic bottles. Instead, they’d just be redeemed by weight. “I was told the it take away 27 plastic party to comprise a pound,” Hart wrote to us. “That would usually mean acquiring $1.35 for the redemption. However, now that it can only be by weight and one will just receive $.93 for a pound. The consumer is really acquiring the brief end of the deal.”Failing to get the full amount the the “deposit” back has bothered Watson Kilbourne the Coto de Caza for part time. “As friend know, if you acquisition one hundred plastic bottles of water, friend would suppose to obtain $5 when girlfriend return the empty bottles to a recycle station,” he told us. “But no, they will not permit you to count them and they room redeemed by weight only. The weight value is about half of the original redemption cost. And now the the plastic containers are much thinner, the redemption value is also less than before.”And climate there’s newly-retired bill Gorman of Yorba Linda, who just started carting his one-liter plastic sparkling water party to a recycler surprise behind a supermarket. “I brought about 20 of the bottles mentioned over as well as a wine party to the recycler — that looking in ~ me told me ns would get 5 cents a party — he appeared a tiny nervous in saying that — which made me look right into what the exactly amount should have actually been.” because his plastic water bottles were bigger 보다 24 ounces, that should have got 10 cents a bottle, not 5 cents. “Even despite we space not talking about much money – none of us choose being ‘ripped off,\"” he created to us. “Like most things in this people – strength is understanding – know what you need to be getting before you take trip to the recycler – if girlfriend don’t obtain the ideal amount the difference is going right into someone’s pocket.”

Rise up, recyclers! The good state of California urges you come rat out recycling cheats!

“Recyclers are forced to counting bottles if you have actually less 보다 50,” stated Mark Oldfield, spokesman for CalRecycle. “If they’re refusing to pay by count, we desire to know around that. We want to walk to them and also make them perform the best thing.”

So, how deserve to you execute this?

Send an e-mail to complaints
or contact 1-800-RECYCLE toy fee free, come lodge her complaint. It is in as specific with the surname and attend to of the dealer, and also as quick recounting the nature of your problem, as you can.

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“Bottom heat is, we desire to make sure that consumers get what they’re owed,” Oldfield said. “We’re a regulator, and we have actually the government to take administrative actions against those that aren’t following the rules.”


The rules space that the recycler has to count up come 50 bottles that each type if you request it. You don’t acquire what you don’t asking for, people!

This means that if you walk to the recycler with 50 plastic bottles, and 50 glass bottles, and 50 aluminum cans, the recycler is compelled to count each of lock individually, if girlfriend ask him/her to counting them individually.

Now, If you went through 51 of every type, the recycler is allowed to pay by weight, and not count lock individually. That’s due to the fact that counting is time consuming, and if everyone showed up with 300 bottles asking them to be counted individually…well… the currently would acquire long.

If you have 300 and still desire them counted, you’re enabled to return as plenty of times as you like in a day. So, after your very first 50 get counted, you could want to go have actually a cup the coffee, queue up again and have the following 50 counted, and also so on.

California Redemption Value is 5 cents for each beverage container less than 24 ounces, and also 10 cents for each container higher than 24 ounces.

“The typical complaints we’ve been gaining lately are about plastic bottles,” Oldfield said. “CalRecycle does ar studies, for this reason we recognize how many aluminum cans space in a pound, and also how many glass bottles space in a pound, and we phone call the recyclers, ‘This is the minimum you need to pay.’

“Plastics are more complicated,” he said. “You have actually those tiny teeny ones that are just 6 ounces, and you have actually the huge two liter bottles, and also there are plenty of different thicknesses and different species of plastic. For this reason it becomes more difficult to come up v a per-pound price that precisely matches a consumer’s load.”

That, Oldfield said, is other CalRecycle is working on best now. Stay tuned.

Now, prior to we obtain an onslaught from upset Honest Abe Recyclers, let united state state because that the document that there are countless wonderful, upstanding recyclers in California who execute a great job and treat human being fairly. It’s a shame what a few bad apples can do.

About 250 billion containers to be recycled in California last year — or 82 percent the the containers in the program.

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“That’s a lot the aren’t in landfills,” Oldfield said. “Scientifically, and also culturally in California, we recognize that recycling is a an excellent thing. The saves herbal resources and also it conserves energy. It is basically the appropriate thing to do.”

We’ll tell girlfriend a little much more about why you lug your empties to those centers behind the grocery stores, fairly than come the shop themselves, next week.