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Jumping spiders require two large eyes top top the front so they can guess how much away their prey is. Michael Duncan., Author listed

Some spiders do nets to capture their prey. These net-casting spiders likewise need to see clearly and judge distances. Part have occurred huge, scary-looking black eyes the stare directly ahead, therefore they space nicknamed ogre spiders! These giant eyes help the spider to watch a large area and also accurately throw under its spider internet net to record its prey. Here’s a picture of a net-casting spider.


This net-casting spider is indigenous the Deinopis family. The little dots that look like nostrils room actually eyes! Michael Duncan, Author provided

Some spiders live in caves that are totally dark, wherein eyes are no use at all. They have to rely on other senses to uncover their food in the dark. Come save power making eyes, these spiders lost their eyes throughout evolution, so now some that them have actually no eyes at all. You can see a snapshot of a spider like that here.

So why did most spiders end up with so countless eyes?

Both human and spider eyes are the an outcome of progressively evolving to assist us survive in our different environments. One factor our human being eyes are different from spiders is since our bodies and also brains are also built differently.

For example, spiders don’t have actually necks. For this reason they can’t turn their heads to look in ~ things prefer we can. Having actually extra eyes approximately their heads is one means that spiders see an ext of the world about them, helping them to quickly spot food or a potential predator.

Human eyes and spider eyes likewise do various jobs. Our two eyes room very complex and are great at doing countless jobs in ~ once, while spiders have various sorts of eyes the do various jobs.

For example, the large central eyes that jumping spiders are best for see shapes, but the basic side eyes have actually the essential job the watching out for predators.

So a two-eyed spider or even an eight-eyed human isn’t impossible. However the 2 eyes we have and also the eight eyes many spiders have actually are perfectly suitable to aid each of us live our lives just the way they are.

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