When most world think the a Hummer, castle think of a gas-guzzling, heavy SUV v a terrible fuel economy.

But how plenty of MPG do Hummers in reality get?

The Hummer H1, which was the an initial model achieves 10 to 16 mpg.

However, the recent versions that the Hummer (H2 & H3) deserve to drive approximately 20 miles every gallon.

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Continue reading to uncover how you have the right to get better gas usage on a Hummer, and how your fuel economic situation compares to similar-sized SUVs.


How numerous MPG does A Hummer H1 Get?

The very first Hummer H1 van featured diesel engines through an mean fuel effectiveness rating that 10 mpg. 

Subsequent models preserved the exact same mpg back they come with more powerful petrol engines.

Here is a failure of the fuel performance rating that the most popular Hummer H1 models.

Hummer H1 (2004) 1.5L Gas13.9 (city) 16 (highway)
Hummer H1 (2008) 1.7L Diesel13.8 (city) 16.6 (highway)
Hummer H1 (2001) 1.2L Gas13.8 (city) 16.6 (highway)

How countless MPG walk A Hummer H2 Get?

The Hummer H2 has actually an typical mpg that 12, and also it comes through a larger fuel tank contrasted to the H1.

Here’s review of what to expect with the Hummer H2 in regards to mpg

Hummer H2 (2004) 1.5L Gas3 (city) 15 (highway)
Hummer H2 (2008) 1.7L Diesel14 (city) 16 (highway)
Hummer H2 (2001) 1.2L Gas12 (city) 14 (highway)

How countless MPG go A Hummer H3 Get?

The Hummer H3 has a fuel economic climate rating that varieties from 16 come 20 mpg, depending upon the model and where you are driving.

Here room the renowned H3 models and also their median fuel consumption.

Hummer H3 (2004) 1.5L Gas14 (city) 18 (highway)
Hummer H3 (2008) 1.7L Diesel16 (city) 18 (highway)
Hummer H3 (2001) 1.2L Gas14 (city) 16 (highway)

Are Hummers Fuel Efficient?

Let’s face it.

The an initial Hummer models were no fuel-efficient.

But through the demand for fuel-efficient cars climbing every day, the manufacturers that the Hummer room now creating fuel-efficient models.

The Hummer H3 now has a fuel economy rating similar to other midsize SUVs.

It comes v 16 mpg (city) and 20 mpg (highway), making it one of the many fuel-efficient vehicles in the class.

Reports are arising that general Motors is planning to relax the Hummer EV sometime in 2021.

This Hummer design will be totally electric, an interpretation car buyers won’t need to judge it based upon its gas mileage.

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Why do Hummers use So lot Gas?

Hummer was initially a army vehicle, therefore it to be not developed with fuel efficiency in mind.

Hummers are big, heavy cars with an extremely poor aerodynamics.

The aerodynamic drag coupled through the powerful engine leads to greater fuel consumption.

Generally speaking, the bigger the vehicle, the much more fuel it consumes, and Hummers room BIG.

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How numerous Gallons that Fuel go The typical Hummer Hold?

The gallons the fuel an average hummer deserve to hold depends on that is tank capacity.

Different Hummer models have varying fuel tank capacities.

Hummer H1 Fuel Capacity

The Hummer H1 (92, 93, and 94 models) have actually an median fuel tank capacity of 25 gallons when the Hummer H1 the 1995 can hold as much as 23 gallons.

The H1 diesel model additionally has a tank volume of 25 gallons.

Hummer H1 models developed from 1996 come 2004 have actually two fuel tanks.

Each tank deserve to hold 21 gallons for a grand complete of 42 gallons.

The 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha has actually the largest fuel tank capacity as it have the right to hold as much as 51.5 gallons.

Hummer H2 Fuel Capacity

The Hummer H2 has actually an boosted fuel tank capacity with all H2 models qualified of holding as much as 32 gallons.

Then again, all H2s come with gasoline engines the make them an ext powerful contrasted to your predecessors.

Hummer H3 Fuel Capacity

The Hummer H3 models can hold up to 23 gallons as soon as full. As you have the right to see, the H3 has the lowest fuel tank volume at 23 gallons.

However, like any kind of other car, you can buy a replacement fuel tank to boost your car’s capacity.

Increasing the fuel tank’s capacity has no impact on the fuel effectiveness of the vehicle.

However, enhanced capacity boosts the steering range.

For instance, the H1 Alpha 2006 has actually a range of up to 570 miles in in between fill-ups when the H2 Hummer can travel approximately 450 miles.

The average H3 can cover approximately 392 miles on a complete tank.

How much Money go It take to Fill increase A Hummer?

Hummer ModelFull Tank Cost

The typical US price of petrol in 2020 is $2.50 every gallon. This way if you own a Hummer H1 that has two tanks, girlfriend will invest $102.50 because that a full tank.

The Hummer H2 has a fuel tank volume of 32 gallons. This equates to $80 for a complete tank.

The Hummer H3 has the lowest fuel capacity at 23 gallons. This calls for $57.5 to fill up your Hummer H3 truck.

How have the right to You Get much better Gas usage On Hummers?

If you are trying to find a fuel-efficient vehicle, climate the Hummer is definitely not her go-to option.

This mid-size SUV has a poor reputation as much as gas purpose of use is concerned.

However, this does no take far its upsides.

Like most cars, girlfriend can additionally improve your Hummer’s gas mileage because that a good driving experience. Right here are your best options.

1. Drive slow – The easiest means to enhance the fuel economy of her Hummer is to drive slowly.

Your Hummer’s thirst because that gas increases with speed for this reason driving slowly would save on gas.

2. Change Your Oil routinely – Another viable option is to change the engine oil every 3,000 miles.

Dirty, sludgy oil to reduce fuel economy due to the fact that the engine has to work harder to satisfy performance requirements. Here’s a video clip on just how to adjust engine oil.

3. Tuning Chip – you can likewise install a SuperChip FlashPac engine tuner come cut ago on fuel consumption.

The tuning chip optimizes the engine for this reason improving performance and also fuel efficiency. Click here to find out more.

4. Smaller sized Tires – A much less reliable, however practical, choice is come fit her Hummer with the the smallest tires possible.

Large tires have a large circumference for this reason they require much more engine strength to rotate. This leads to a reduced fuel economy.

5. Inspect Tire push – inspect that the tires room well inflated.

Tires v low push tend come create an ext friction in between your car and also the road.

This reduces fuel efficiency as your vehicle has come work against the force of friction.

6. Use fabricated Fuel – another easy way to far better gas usage is to use fabricated fuel.

Some pump stations offer adulterated fuel that has actually a greater mileage per gallon.

However, be sure to examine with her mechanic that the synthetic mixture will certainly not impact your engine.

Hummer vs Jeep Gas Mileage

The Hummer and the Jeep fall in the same classification when it involves gas mileage.

However, the Jeep often tends to have an top hand in fuel efficiency.

The an initial Hummer models came v 7-10 mpg with later versions qualified of reaching 14-18 mpg.

The faster Jeep models, ~ above the other hand, averaged 13-18 mpg v the recent versions averaging 22-29 mpg.

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Final Thoughts

It’s basic to view that the Hummer SUV was not intended for the fuel-conscious driver.

However, if you desire to enjoy the good on-and-off-road ability of this machine, and also save on mileage, climate follow our tips above.