J-445 Seats: 4-6 AdultsPowerPro Jets: 46Dimensions: 7′ x 7′ x 36-42″Spa Volume: 370 united state gal.

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J-445 JETS

High-volume, low-pressure pumps support the to exclude, PowerPro jet mechanism in moving a bold hydromassage. A Patented process creates a 50/50 air-to-water mixture the introduces wait from all roughly the jets for a soothing, yet effective, professional-quality massage. To test the jet in a 7′ x 7′ hot tub, find your closestly Aqua paradise Showroom here.

PowerPro NX2 Jets (4)

Advanced NX2 Jacuzzi Hot bath tub Jets properly relieve tension and also strain in the sensitive (and hard-to-reach) neck area v a highly concentrated stream that water. Change the direction by adjusting the nozzle and intensity that the massage by transforming the jet face.

PowerPro FX Jets (12)

Jacuzzi warm Tubs presented these jets, through their distinctive directional rifling action that creates a spiral stream of air and water – perfect for stimulating tiny muscle groups. Fully adjustable because that high or short pressure, exclusive PowerPro FX Jets have a rejuvenating effect and also can assist overworked, overstressed muscles and joints.

PowerPro FX2S Jets (2)

Patent-pending jet that supply intense hydrotherapy without moving parts, FX2 Jets are the larger, an ext powerful variation of the initial Jacuzzi hot Tubs FX Jets. Their distinct spiral activity produces a surging currently of air and water that offers a vigorous massage come shoulders, back, calves and feet.

PowerPro RX Jets (8)

The spinning activity of the brand-new patent-pending PowerPro RX hot tub jet is totally adjustable. Just turn the dial ~ above the challenge to customize the push or turn off the jet action entirely. Usual in size, the RX Jet consists a sizable area, reaching the an essential muscles and also nerves that the back for a pampering hydromassage.

PowerPro MX2 Jets (3)

Based on the type and role of the original Jacuzzi jet produced 50 years ago, the new-generation, patented Jacuzzi Hot tub MX2 Jets provide maximum volume in ~ a higher air-to-water ratio. PowerPro MX2 Jets are strategically located to deliver a bold massage, especially efficient for muscles in the lower back.

PowerPro FX-M Jets (8)

Based in the FX technology, the FX little Jets room perfect for a focused massage on crucial pressure allude areas, such as your feet. The jets space adjustable, do it straightforward for a spot-on foot massage.

PowerPro FX-S Jets (8)
PowerPro IX2 Jets (1)

Jacuzzi warm Tubs PowerPro IX Jets develop a dramatic currently of light and effervescence. The IX Jet merges preferably airflow with high-output LED lighting, sending multicolored, champagne-like bubbles from the bottom the the hot bath tub to the surface. This provides you an impressive light tissue foot massage and is likewise perfect for sore ankles.

1 – ProClear II 75 sq ft.cartridge filter (hydro)Electrical north America240 VAC 60 Hz 40A/50A/60AElectrical International240 VAC 50 Hz 20A/30A/40ACabinetrySIlverwood, Roasted ChestnutShell Colors**PorcelainTotal Jets46PowerPro NX24PowerPro FX12PowerPro FX2S2PowerPro RX8PowerPro MX23PowerPro IX21PowerPro FX-M8PowerPro FX-S8NOTE: Spa Volume is based on average fill.

Jacuzzi warm Tubs may make product modifications and also enhancements. Specifications may readjust without notice. International commodities may be configured in different way to accomplish local electric requirements. Dimensions are approximate. Spa volume is based on average fill. Produced under one or more United says patent numbers. Various other patents may apply.

Estimated monthly cost is based upon CEC check protocol for standby power intake only. Test results measured in a managed environment based upon a kilowatt rate per hour the $0.10. Local and also future energy rates, local conditions and also individual use will change these estimated monthly costs.For finish CEC test protocol and also results visit http://www.energy.ca.gov

* Pump input or brake speech (bhp) is the really horsepower delivered to the pump shaft. Source: ITT Goulds Pumps, Centrifugal Pump Fundamentals.

10 Years shell Structure – Jacuzzi spas are warranted versus water loss due to defects in the spa covering for ten years from the original day of purchase. J-LX™, J-400™, and J-300™ Collections.
7 Years shell Surface – Jacuzzi spas space warranted versus blistering, cracking, or delaminating that the interior surface that the spa covering for 7 years from the original date of purchase. J-LX™, J-400™, and J-300™ Collections.
5 years Equipment and also Controls – Jacuzzi spas’ electric equipment contents – specifically restricted to the pumps, heater, and control device – are warranted against malfunctions because of defects in workmanship or products for five years indigenous the original day of purchase. J-LX™, J-400™, and also J-300™ Collections.
5 years Plumbing contents – Jacuzzi spas’ plumbing materials are warranted versus leaks because of defects in workmanship or products for five years indigenous the original day of purchase. J-LX™, J-400™, and also J-300™ Collections.

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5 years Cabinet – Jacuzzi spas’ ProEndure™ artificial cabinets are warranted versus defects in workmanship or products or five years indigenous the original day of purchase. Normal wear and also weathering of the complete will occur naturally end time, and are not defects. J-LX™, J-400™, and J-300™ Collections.