How to convert Hertz to Kilohertz

To transform a hertz measurement to a kilohertz measurement, divide the frequency by the counter ratio.

due to the fact that one kilohertz is same to 1,000 hertz, you can use this basic formula to convert:

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Hertz and also kilohertz room both units supplied to measure frequency. Keep reading to learn an ext about each unit of measure.


Hertz is formally identified as the frequency equalling one cycle every second.<1>

The hertz is the SI obtained unit because that frequency in the metric system. Hertz can be abbreviated as Hz; because that example, 1 hertz can be written as 1 Hz.

Frequency in hertz can be expressed utilizing the formula: Hz = CyclesTimes


Kilohertz is a measure of frequency same to one thousand cycles every second.

The kilohertz is a many of the hertz, i beg your pardon is the SI acquired unit because that frequency. In the metric system, "kilo" is the prefix because that 103. Kilohertz have the right to be abbreviated as kHZ; because that example, 1 kilohertz have the right to be composed as 1 kHZ.

Hertz to Kilohertz switch Table

Hertz measurements converted to kilohertz Hertz Kilohertz
1 Hz 0.001 kHZ
2 Hz 0.002 kHZ
3 Hz 0.003 kHZ
4 Hz 0.004 kHZ
5 Hz 0.005 kHZ
6 Hz 0.006 kHZ
7 Hz 0.007 kHZ
8 Hz 0.008 kHZ
9 Hz 0.009 kHZ
10 Hz 0.01 kHZ
20 Hz 0.02 kHZ
30 Hz 0.03 kHZ
40 Hz 0.04 kHZ
50 Hz 0.05 kHZ
60 Hz 0.06 kHZ
70 Hz 0.07 kHZ
80 Hz 0.08 kHZ
90 Hz 0.09 kHZ
100 Hz 0.1 kHZ
200 Hz 0.2 kHZ
300 Hz 0.3 kHZ
400 Hz 0.4 kHZ
500 Hz 0.5 kHZ
600 Hz 0.6 kHZ
700 Hz 0.7 kHZ
800 Hz 0.8 kHZ
900 Hz 0.9 kHZ
1,000 Hz 1 kHZ


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