Video transcript obtainable at quick Facts: Models 2020 median Pay usual Entry-Level education and learning occupational Experience in a connected Occupation On-the-job cultivate number of Jobs, 2020 job Outlook, 2020-30 employed staff Change, 2020-30
$31,910 per year $15.34 every hour
No formal education credential
11% (Faster than average)

What Models perform

Models pose because that artists, photographers, and also other clients to aid advertise products.

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work Environment

Models occupational in a selection of conditions, native comfortable at home studios and also runway fashion shows to the end in all weather conditions. Most models work component time and also have unpredictable job-related schedules. Many likewise experience durations of unemployment.

how to come to be a Model

No formal education credential is required and training is limited. Particular requirements count on the client. However, many models must be within certain ranges for height, weight, and also clothing dimension to accomplish the demands of fashion designers, photographers, and advertisers.


The typical hourly wage for models to be $15.34 in might 2020.

project Outlook

Employmentof models is projected to prosper 11 percent indigenous 2020 to 2030, faster than the median for all occupations.

About 500 openings for models room projected each year, top top average, over the decade. Many of those openings room expected to an outcome from the should replace workers who transfer to various occupations or departure the job force, such as to retire.

State & Area Data

discover resources because that employment and wages by state and also area because that models.

comparable Occupations

to compare the task duties, education, project growth, and pay the models with similar occupations.

much more Information, consisting of Links come O*NET

Learn an ext about models through visiting extr resources, consisting of O*NET, a resource on vital characteristics the workers and occupations.


Models pose because that artists, photographers, or customers to assist advertise a selection of products, consisting of clothing, cosmetics, food, and appliances. Models likewise work as a right or fitting model, permitting the manufacturer or fashion designer to achieve the finest fit for new styles.


Models frequently do the following:

Display clothing and merchandise in print and also online advertisementsPromote products and services in television commercialsWear designers’ garments for runway fashion showsRepresent companies and brands at conventions, profession shows, and also other eventsPose because that photos, paintings, or sculpturesWork very closely with photographers, hair and clothing stylists, assembly artists, and also clients to develop a wanted lookCreate and maintain a investment portfolio of your workTravel come meet and interview with potential clientsConduct research study on the product being promoted—for example, the designer or form of garments fabricAnswer concerns from consumers around the products

Almost every models sign with modeling agencies. Agencies represent and also promote a design to client in return because that a part of the model’s earnings. Models typically apply for a place with an firm by submitting their photographs v its website or through attending open casting calls and meeting through agents directly.

Models should research an company before signing, in order to ensure that the agency has a an excellent reputation in the modeling industry.For information on agencies, models should call a local customer affairs organization, such together the much better Business Bureau.

Some freelance models execute not authorize with agencies. Instead, they industry themselves come potential clients and also apply for modeling tasks directly. However, due to the fact that most clients favor to occupational with agents, it is complicated for brand-new models to go after a freelance career.

Models should put together and maintain up-to-date portfolios and composite cards. A investment portfolio is a collection of a model’s ahead work. A composite card contains the finest photographs native a model’s portfolio, together with his or her body measurements. Both portfolios and also composite cards are typically taken to all casting calls and client auditions.

Because advertisers often need to target certain segments that the population, models might specialize in a certain area. Because that example, petite and also plus-size fashions are modeled by females whose sizes room respectively smaller and also larger than that worn by the typical model. Models who are disabled may be used to model fashions or commodities for consumers v disabilities. “Parts” models have actually a human body part, such as a hand or foot, particularly well suited to model products such as nail polish or shoes.

Models appear in different types of media to promote a product or service. Models advertise products and merchandise in magazine or newspaper advertisements, department keep catalogs, or tv commercials. Increasingly, models are showing up in digital ads or on retail websites. Models additionally pose for lay out artists, painters, and sculptors.

Models regularly participate in photo shoots and pose for photographers to display off the attributes of clothing and other products. Models readjust their posture and also facial expressions to capture the look at the customer wants. The photographer typically takes many pictures that the design in various poses and expressions during the picture shoot.

Models also display clothes and also merchandise live in different situations. In ~ fashion shows, models stand, turn, and also walk to display off clothes to one audience that photographers, journalists, designers, and garment buyers. Other clients might require models to communicate directly with customers. In retail establishments and department stores, models display clothes directly come shoppers and describe the features and also prices the the merchandise. At trade reflects or conventions, models display off a business’ commodities and provide information to consumers. These models may work together demonstrators and also product promoters to assist advertise and sell merchandise.

Models frequently prepare for photo shoots or fashion mirrors by having actually their hair and makeup excellent by professionals in those industries. The hairstylists and makeup artists might touch up the model’s hair and also makeup and adjust the model’s look transparent the event. However, models are sometimes responsible for applying their own makeup and also bringing their very own clothing.


Models held around 2,700 tasks in 2020. The biggest employers that models were as follows:

Colleges, universities, and also professional schools; state, local, and also private 29%
Junior colleges; state, local, and private 7
Self-employed workers 7

Models job-related in a variety of conditions, native comfortable photography studios and runway fashion shows to the end in all weather conditions.

Models additionally may must travel for photo shoots or to satisfy clients in different cities.

Work Schedules

Models’ schedules can be demanding and also stressful. Countless models work part time and also have unpredictable job-related schedules. They must be prepared to job-related for a show or attend a picture shoot on quick notice. The variety of hours functioned varies through the job. Countless models experience durations of unemployment.


No formal education and learning credential is compelled to become a model. Specific requirements rely on the client, with various jobs requiring various physical characteristics. However, most models must be within details ranges for height, weight, and also clothing size.


There space no formal educational credentials required to end up being a model. Most modeling agencies allow applicants to email photos directly to the agency. The firm will climate contact and also interview prospective models who present potential. Many agencies also have “open calls,” by which aspiring models can walk into an agency during a stated time and meet straight with agents and clients.

Some aspiring models may attend modeling institutions that carry out training in posing, walking, using makeup, and other an easy tasks. Although some models are found when agents scout because that “fresh faces” in ~ modeling schools, attending such institutions does no necessarily bring about job opportunities.


Models development by working much more regularly and also being selected for assignments that offer higher pay. They may appear in magazines, print heralding campaigns, commercials, or runway mirrors that have higher profiles and provide an ext widespread exposure.

Because advancement depends ~ above a model’s ahead work, preserving a great portfolio of high-quality, up-to-date photographs is vital in gaining assignments. In addition, actively participating in society media and building a huge number that followers rises exposure.

A model’s choice of an agency is also important for advancement: the better the reputation and skill the the agency, the much more assignments a model is most likely to get.

Important Qualities

Specific demands depend ~ above the client, but most models must be within details ranges for height, weight, and also clothing size. Demands may readjust slightly in time as perceptions of physical beauty change.

Discipline. A model’s career counts on the person’s keeping his or she physical characteristics. Models must control their diet, practice regularly, and get sufficient sleep to remain healthy and photogenic. Haircuts, pedicures, and also manicures are essential work-related expenses.

Interpersonal skills. Models must connect with a big number of people, such together agents, photographers, and customers. That is crucial to be polite, professional, prompt, and respectful.

Listening skills. Models should take direction from photographers and clients during photo shoots and also commercials.

Organizational skills. Models must manage their portfolios and their work and also travel schedules.

Persistence. compete for work is strong, and also most client have certain needs for each job, for this reason patience and also persistence room essential.

Photogenic. Models spend most of your time being photographed. They must be comfortable in front of a camera in order for photographers to capture the wanted look.


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Models must have actually a an easy knowledge that hair styling, makeup, and also clothing. For photographic and also runway work, models must relocate gracefully and confidently.