Scientology is a hot topic for the Hollywood elite. Those who space members song its praises. Those who have left are really outspoken against it. Leah Remini is definitely not a pan after she broke ties v it, and has make a small amount of money after pointing out her experiences. Therefore what is Remini’s net worth, and also how is she life post-Scientology? 


Leah Remini | JC Olivera/Getty Images

Leah Remini has a thriving acting career

Remini began acting when she was 14, and took number of guest star roles. Her an initial job remained in 1988 once she acquired a little scene on Head the the Class, follow to IMDb. Remini later played ~ above Who’s the Boss, Living Dolls, Saved by the Bell, Cheers, and Friends. Lock were every minor functions that acquired her name the end there, yet it wasn’t sufficient to make her a family members name.

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That came once she landed her very first big role on The King of Queens together Carrie Heffernan, opposite Kevin James. Following the finish of that series, she starred with Kevin James again as soon as she was actors for the present Kevin can Wait. If she has had several TV roles, Remini has likewise starred on the large screen. She has played in Old School, The Clapper, and Handsome: A Netflix mystery Movie.

Remini started her own production company called No seriously Productions. She is additionally an author, and an activist. She is among the many outspoken celebrities versus the Church of Scientology, and also isn’t fear to discuss her experiences, both great and bad.

What is Remini’s net worth?

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According to Celebrity network Worth, Remini has actually a an unified net precious of $25 million, i beg your pardon likely comes from her acting career, as her podcast about Scientology isn’t an extremely lucrative.

Remini is married come Angelo Pagan. According to Heavy, the 2 met in 1996 at a Cuban restaurant. It was love at an initial sight, and the two got married July 19, 2003. After getting married, Pagan join the Church the Scientology, and also was supposedly so committed Remini later wondered if he would select the church end her. That didn’t happen, together both of them left the church, and are still happy married.

They currently live in Studio City, California with their daughter Sofia. The couple has a mansion that reportedly costs about $8.5 million.

Leah Remini prospered up in Scientology before leaving

While numerous actors room invited right into the Church of Scientology ~ they come to be famous, Remini grew up in it. Her mom married a member, and also then Remini was lugged in by association.

To say that it to be a happy suffer would it is in a gun exaggeration, follow to the day-to-day Mail. Remini did admit that she learned to have actually confidence from the church, but that was among her few positive experiences. Remini proclaimed she was sent away to be ‘reprogrammed’ after Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s wedding. Her ‘behavior’ at the wedding was what caused the $300,000 reprogramming — for this reason what go she do? She inquiry too many questions and also tried to switch she seat come sit v her friend Jennifer Lopez.

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In 2013, Remini determined to get out. She feared her husband and also mother would certainly refuse to come with her, but they left the Church of Scientology, as well. She has because talked about her suffer in a tell-all publication called Troublemaker: making it through Hollywood and also Scientology. Her publication is her means of protecting herself in instance the Church the Scientology need to decide come out few of her secrets. 

While mentioning her publication with joy Behar on The View, Remini stated, “Well, I understand the policy of the church when someone speaks the end publicly versus them. I know how they address people prefer me. So they would take something the end of context or in mine confessions and also out that out on the street.”

The Church the Scientology problems these claims, but Remini is not the only celebrity to leave the church. Countless of them are outspoken around their experience, while others choose to stay silent.