Hi. Years back I created a “1st action spagetti sauce” recipe which include plenty of different veggies and perfect quantity of seasonings that I chef for several hours then put in 1.5 l canning jars for a wonderful non-lucrative organization dubbed Jericho road Ministries (Ottawa, ON) who administer homes, support and “family” to males with mental condition and/or alcohol/drug rehab (and my household has loved it too!). They just need to include 1 deserve to tomato paste, 1 can tomato sauce and also 1.5 lbs fried floor beed and also simmer for 45 mins and voila! deserve to be provided for spagetti or lasagna. 1 1st-step jar to add rest makes one an excellent size family meal. They/we have actually loved it!!!! But…..

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i can’t find the 1.5 litre jars almost everywhere the critical 2-3 yrs. I have had actually to division my canning content into one 1 l jar + one 500 ml jar which is a pain and also confusing when offered to others, specifically in big quantity come an organization. (Also, I just read on your page right here that 1.9 together jars space not perfect in this case.)

Have you quit making them… and if so, why??????

Please help, it’s canning time and also my favorite males are hoping I’ll make some!


Healthy Canning

September 03, 2016 at 6:37 pm

Hi Carole, you’ll desire to call Bernardin directly about the jars. We don’t any type of current info on them in ~ this suggest in time. Here’s their web site: https://www.bernardin.ca/contact-us.htm .

Le Parfait is do Mason-jar form 1.5 litre jars. Https://www.leparfait.com/le-parfait-familia-wiss-terrines, though they are a little pricier and are therefore not necessarily jars you’d desire to be offering away.

You could likewise put an advertisement or look on Kiiji Ottawa: https://www.kijiji.ca/h-ottawa/1700185 . I doubt at this allude that getting used ones civilization want come clear the end of can be the way you need to go.

If girlfriend need quick or fairly immediate canning aid or answers, please shot one the these master Food Preserver groups; they are much more qualified than we are and have countless hands to assist you. Countless of them also operate phone call hotlines in season.

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