I’m in search of a automobile to buy and I really choose the lexus rx models. Ns am plan to journey this vehicle through university so because that at the very least six years…I uncovered a 2004 Lexus RX 330 SUV with 119,516 mile on it. It was taken really an excellent care of by the very first owner however not so much by the second. Is that too numerous miles??? have to I look for a different little suv with much less miles??? many thanks in advance!!

120,000 miles is no really old. The is a used vehicle like any type of used car. It most likely will have some problems, yet that would certainly not prevent me if the price was right and also I preferred the car. I have never had actually a treatment wear out and I have had actually several cars walk close to 200,000 prior to I sold them and also then the just reason I have actually sold a car was because of accident damage or transforming needs (like two kids)

Wants Vs. Needs. Starting Out through An Eight Year-Old automobile Of Unknown history And Wanting It come Last till It’s 14 year Old Is A little Much.

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How countless years/miles did the 2nd owner not treatment well because that the vehicle ?

I’d look because that a newer and younger (less miles) car with a well-known history, one owner if at all possible. View if girlfriend can gain one with files vouching because that its maintenance and also something through no timing belt.

A Lexus can have come wait till you graduate, she a CEO, the Rebublicans are back in charge, and also the country is percolating again.


UncleTurbo July 6, 2016, 1:52am #4

You give no info about the questioning price. You need to understand if the auto has a time belt, and also if yes once was the changed; if ever? do you understand the “second owner”? and what info do you need to know if the auto was or wasn’t cared for by the previous owners?

expect July 6, 2016, 1:52am #5

to CSA and also Uncle Turbo…I uncovered the auto through sonicautomotive.com which gives the carfax for the cars. The second owner had actually it for 4-1/2 years, nearly 73000 miles. They are asking $13992 and I have saved up almost half that and also my parents room maching. Also, what is a time belt??? ns didn’t check out anything ~ above the carfax around that…

and also also good pt about 14 year old can be too old-I agreeTHanKs

common-sense-answer July 6, 2016, 1:52am #6

It would Behove You and also Most Used vehicle Shoppers To check out This:http://www.samarins.com/glossary/timing_belt.html

Also, ok bet that your parents could be affiliated in expenses if the automobile needs repairs during the next 6 years. Because that that factor it might be an benefit for castle to invest a little now and pay a knowledgeable certified mechanic to examine out a car you are considering.

Few cars room perfect and also it’s an excellent to recognize what they need now, what they’ll need soon, and also whether or no they’re in good health and worthy of a purchase.


MikeInNH July 6, 2016, 1:52am #7

120k on an 04…is no that numerous miles…I have over 190k on mine 05. The all depends on exactly how well it’s maintained. I wouldn’t hesitation to drive mine indigenous NH to CA and back.

jtsanders July 6, 2016, 1:53am #8

It does have actually a time belt, yet it is not an interference engine. You need to fin the end if the time belt was changed. It should have actually been changed around 100,000 miles. My guess is that it has actually not been changed. Take about $1000 turn off the asking prince for that. In my area, the truck would sell for about $13,500. The mileage adjustment is nearly $1400. Market $12,500 or call the dealer to replace the timing belt, pulleys, tensioner, and also water pump and also you’ll salary $13,500, depending upon options.

dagosa July 6, 2016, 1:53am #9

An crucial factor in buying a used car with far-ranging miles, is how much you intended to drive it. 119k miles may be too numerous miles if you arrangement on placing a many miles you yourself in a short duration of time. Assuming it’s been confirm over, passes and also you journey fewer climate 20k miles every year, it’s not too plenty of miles over 6 years.

But, I would certainly recommend friend nix the SUV phase, placed the very same money in a compact with fewer (not less) miles and also save on both ends. Conserve on operating, insurance and also purchase. Though it’s a reasonably reliable car, the isn’t cartridge proof and Lexus can demand inflated price to repair. $12,500 gets you one hell of a reliable, low mileage compact.

It would additionally demonstrate her priority in your education and learning by perhaps not putting it in jeopardy with greater repair bills.

common-sense-answer July 6, 2016, 1:53am #10

I’m Pretty certain That your Parents would Agree, yet I i will not ~ Buy A tiny Vehicle. Shop For safety As one of Your top Priorities. Little Cars Are just Not as Safe As bigger Ones If You get Hit.

Saving money is silly if friend are killed or maimed when trying to acquire an education. To buy a larger, much safer vehicle. I won’t let any type of of my household members journey or ride in any compact or subcompact cars, no way.

Crash exam on cars a pair years old don’t tell the genuine safety story, yet this site need to help: http://www.informedforlife.org/

Informed because that Life: \" The third component, auto incompatibility, is critical consideration since 52% of all traffic accidents involve an ext than one vehicle, and also the regulations of physics give the benefit to the heavier vehicle. The relationship between car weight and also fatality rate is fine documented and also must be had in any overall assessment of safety. Heavy vehicles have decreased fatality danger in many vehicle crashes compared v light vehicles, however added weight is no necessarily beneficial due to the fact that heavier vehicles, specifically SUVs and also pickups, have tendency to ride greater above the ground through an attendant greater risk that rollover. \"

If push pertains to shove in deciding on a car you deserve to probably use security to acquire your parental to absent in a couple of extra bucks to put you in a safe car. Do your homework.


While the very first owner took good care the it, you to speak the 2nd owner didn’t. Run away indigenous this one.

For $14k you can have a brand brand-new vehicle prefer the Ford Fiesta or Mazda 2 or Hyundai Accent. You’ll have actually brand new tires, battery, new coolant, oil, and transmission fluid. As lengthy as you maintain it properly, 6 years will be nothing on a brand brand-new car. Needing small maintenance in those 6 years(new set of tires, number of oil changes, couple transmissions liquid changes and maybe a coolant adjust is about all you will do need) provided compacts 5 years old or newer are commanding high prices, therefore it’s almost much better to buy new than provided at the rate.

After 6 years, that Lexus will certainly be 14 year old and also will need lots of things replaced during those 6 years, most of i beg your pardon you probably won’t be able to afford when going to school. Ns forget what year it was(fairly new), but one of my buddies’ parent’s Lexus needed a new engine, dealership told lock it’d cost around 10 cool to replace.

CSA,With that line that reasoning, trucks need to be safer overall (?) i beg your pardon they are not. Execute your homework ! Crash exam have displayed that in head top top collisions, that the newer technology and architecture that is much more important then vehicle size alone. A newer compact( ns did not say subcompact) can be much safer as whole including single car crashes 보다 an SUV or bigger sedan.

BTW, not everyone have the right to be a CEO…that is a Republican myth.

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Please incorporate all the regulations of physics and not simply the “bigger is better one”.Superior Metallurgy, traditional side waiting bags etc. Are found on countless newer compacts that an enlarge SUV, huge sedan might not have.

In this situation you are suggesting for the Lexus (did you know that was a Toyota?) i beg your pardon does have lots of standard security features…a more recent compact the handles better can be plenty for sure enough.Bscar is right.And i didn’t shout (bold) to be heard !