How to transform Minutes to Days

To transform a minute measurement come a job measurement, divide the time by the counter ratio.

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Since sooner or later is same to 1,440 minutes, you can use this an easy formula to convert:

Minutes and also days room both units offered to measure time. Keep reading to learn more about each unit the measure.


The minute is a duration of time equal to 1/60 of an hour or 60 seconds.

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The minute is an SI welcomed unit for time for use v the metric system. Minutes can be abbreviated as min; because that example, 1 minute have the right to be composed as 1 min.


One day is the time it takes for the planet to finish a single rotation roughly its axis in relationship to the Sun.There are 24 hrs in a day.

The day is one SI accepted unit because that time for use with the metric system. Days can be abbreviated together day; because that example, 1 day deserve to be composed as 1 day.

Minute to Day switch Table

Minute dimensions converted come days Minutes work
1 min0.000694 day
2 min0.001389 day
3 min0.002083 day
4 min0.002778 day
5 min0.003472 day
6 min0.004167 day
7 min0.004861 day
8 min0.005556 day
9 min0.00625 day
10 min0.006944 day
20 min0.013889 day
30 min0.020833 day
40 min0.027778 day
50 min0.034722 day
60 min0.041667 day
70 min0.048611 day
80 min0.055556 day
90 min0.0625 day
100 min0.069444 day
200 min0.138889 day
300 min0.208333 day
400 min0.277778 day
500 min0.347222 day
600 min0.416667 day
700 min0.486111 day
800 min0.555556 day
900 min0.625 day
1,000 min0.694444 day
2,000 min1.3889 day
3,000 min2.0833 day
4,000 min2.7778 day
5,000 min3.4722 day
6,000 min4.1667 day
7,000 min4.8611 day
8,000 min5.5556 day
9,000 min6.25 day
10,000 min6.9444 day

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