Ammonium carbonate is a salt that is soluble and also is comprised of ammonium radicle and a lead carbonate radicle. If the salt ionizes; (NH4)2CO3 = 2NH4+ + CO3^-2, this method 1 mole the the salt contains two moles of ammonium ions.1 mole of ammonium carbonate has 96.0858 gTherefore, 6.945 g are equivalent to (6.945/96.0858) = 0.07228 molesThus, 6.945 g that ammonium carbonate consists of 2 × 0.07228 = 0.14456 moles.

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of ammonium ions are current in 6.945 g of ammonium carbonate.

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The lot of various species that are present in the chemical reaction is determined by stoichiometry. This is done by researching of relationship between reactants and products. It is used to recognize moles that a chemical types when mole of other chemical species in the reaction is given.

The general chemical equation is together follows:



X and Y space reactants.

Z is the product.

According to the over equation, one mole the X reacts v two moles of Y and also as a result of the reaction between the both, 3 moles that Z are produced. Therefore the stoichiometric ratio in between X and Y is 1:2, that in between X and Z is 1:3 and also that in between Y and Z is 2:3.

The given reaction occurs as follows:


The formula to calculate the moles of is as follows:

…… (1)

Substitute 6.945 g because that the offered mass and 96.09 g/mol for the molar fixed of in equation (1).


According come the reaction stoichiometry, one mole of ammonium carbonate develops two mole of ammonium ion and also one mole of lead carbonate ion.

The formula to calculate the moles of ammonium ion is together follows:

…… (2)

Substitute 0.07228 mol because that the moles of in equation (2).

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