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Unit Descriptions
1 Gram:1/1000 of a kilogram.1 Picogram:1 Picogram is specifically 0.000000000000001 kilograms (SI unit). Together per the prefix pico it is a trillionth the a gram; a gram is a thousandth that a kilogram. 1 pg = 0.000000000000001 kg.

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Conversions Table
1 Grams to Picograms = 100000000000070 Grams to Picograms = 70000000000000
2 Grams to Picograms = 200000000000080 Grams to Picograms = 80000000000000
3 Grams to Picograms = 300000000000090 Grams to Picograms = 90000000000000
4 Grams come Picograms = 4000000000000100 Grams come Picograms = 1.0E+14
5 Grams come Picograms = 5000000000000200 Grams come Picograms = 2.0E+14
6 Grams to Picograms = 6000000000000300 Grams come Picograms = 3.0E+14
7 Grams come Picograms = 7000000000000400 Grams to Picograms = 4.0E+14
8 Grams to Picograms = 8000000000000500 Grams come Picograms = 5.0E+14
9 Grams come Picograms = 9000000000000600 Grams to Picograms = 6.0E+14
10 Grams come Picograms = 10000000000000800 Grams come Picograms = 8.0E+14
20 Grams come Picograms = 20000000000000900 Grams to Picograms = 9.0E+14
30 Grams come Picograms = 300000000000001,000 Grams to Picograms = 1.0E+15
40 Grams come Picograms = 4000000000000010,000 Grams to Picograms = 1.0E+16
50 Grams come Picograms = 50000000000000100,000 Grams come Picograms = 1.0E+17
60 Grams to Picograms = 600000000000001,000,000 Grams come Picograms = 1.0E+18

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