Grasses are frequently considered beneficial for their aesthetic qualities, but there is much more to this plants 보다 meets the eye. All grasses room in the Poaceae family, which is among the most abundant households of tree on earth.1 from pasture grasses for pet consumption to food crops, such as oat and barley, for person consumption, grasses consist of the world"s most significant food source.

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While over there are more than 10,000 ranges of plants in the Poaceae family, different varieties of grasses have some similarities. All grasses create seeds that are monocotyledonous, which way that every seed produces only one sheet sprout. Additionally, most grasses space herbaceous, for this reason they don"t develop woody stems, and they die back to the ground at the end of the farming season.1

Grasses room invaluable assets to our planet and also its inhabitants. V a better understanding and also appreciation for grasses, you might never look at her lawn the same way again. Below are 10 unusual facts you might not know about the Poaceae family of plants:

1. Around 1,400 varieties of grasses exist in the united States.1

2. Grasses do up about 26% the the tree life top top earth.2

3. By weight, turfgrass is 75 to 80% water.3

4. Varieties of grass prosper on all continents, also in polar regions. Antarctic hairgrass (Deschampsia Antarctica) is the just member of the Poaceae family native to Antarctica.4

5. A healthy and balanced lawn have the right to increase a home"s worth by as much as 20%.3


6. Grass-covered lawns, prairies and also hillsides assist prevent erosion by keeping soil in place with your root systems.7

7. Grass lawns boost air top quality by producing oxygen and trapping airborne dust particles and other contaminants.6

8. House landscapes that incorporate grass lawns, trees and shrubs can reduce the waiting temperature bordering the house by as much as 14°F.8

9. Gigantic bamboo, which can grow up come 151 feet tall, is the largest selection of grass.5

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10. A 2,500 square foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a household of four.3

Because grasses have a positive affect on climate, clean water and also air quality, every homeowner can take component in sustaining a healthy environment. If you"re more than likely not farming giant bamboo or Arctic hairgrass, maintaining your lawn is a simple way to enhance your air top quality while boosting the worth of her home.