Symbol: PtAtomic Number: 78Atomic Weight: 195.084Classification: change metalPhase in ~ Room Temperature: SolidDensity: 21.45 grams per centimeter cubedMelting Point: 1768°C, 3215°FBoiling Point: 3825°C, 6917°FDiscovered by: individuals of southern AmericaPlatinum is the third element of the tenth column in the periodic table. It is classified together a shift metal. Platinum atoms have 78 electrons and also 78 protons through 117 neutrons in the many abundant isotope. It is taken into consideration to be a valuable metal along with silver and also gold.Characteristics and also PropertiesUnder standard problems platinum is a shiny, silvery metal. That is very ductile, an interpretation that it can be conveniently stretched right into a wire. It is additionally malleable, meaning it deserve to be pounded right into a slim sheet.Platinum is resistant come corrosion once it comes into call with air. That is also an extremely dense (one that the highest of the elements) and has a high melting point.Platinum is fairly inactive, but it will certainly dissolve in warm alkalis and also aqua regia.Where is it uncovered on Earth?Platinum is a rare steel and an overwhelming to find. This is what renders it such a beneficial metal. Platinum can be uncovered in that is pure form, yet is most often found along with other metals from the platinum group. The bulk of platinum is mined in south Africa with Russia comes in a remote second.

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How is platinum provided today?
Being a priceless metal, platinum is regularly used as currency and as an investment. It is likewise used in coins and also to do jewelry such as rings, earrings, and watches.Despite gift a popular metal for jewelry, platinum is most regularly used as a catalyst in chemical reactions. That is supplied as a catalyst for the automobile and petroleum industries.Other applications because that platinum include alloys for unique metals, super solid magnets, clinical instruments, and dental work.How was it discovered?Platinum was first found by the individuals living in southern America prior to the arrival of the Spanish. They developed a platinum and gold alloy that they used in their artwork and also jewelry.The an initial scientist to isolation platinum in the pure element kind was English chemist william Hyde Wollaston in 1803.Where go platinum get its name?Platinum gets its name from the Spanish word \"platina\" which means \"silver.\"IsotopesThere are 6 naturally occurring isotopes. The many abundant of this is Platinum-195.Interesting Facts about PlatinumWilliam Hyde Wollaston also discovered the elements palladium and rhodium.It is the many ductile the the pure metals. Just gold is an ext malleable.The team of metals that platinum is component of in the periodic table is sometimes called the platinum group.Its malleability allows it to it is in pounded right into a sheet together thin together 100 atoms.The indigenous \"platinum\" is often connected with wealth and value. Periodically awards dubbed \"platinum\" are considered higher than \"gold.\"
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