Pretty storage containers might look quite on her kitchen counters, however they may destroy your flour and other baking ingredient faster.

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When ns moved into my house, mine very an initial order was a collection of glass jars with lids. I had been eyeing lock on Pinterest and in residence decor magazines because that years, however I'd never ever had any place to put them. The day i signed the (many) dotted lines for my house, ns clicked to buy on those glass jars, and also I think the may have actually been more satisfying.

As soon as lock arrived, ns gleefully fill them with brand-new bags that flour, sugar, and also beans. I had actually a smaller sized one for bags of tea. It was homemaker perfection. And then a couple of weeks later, as soon as I go to use the ingredients, I found a dreadful secret: lock aren't airtight. My sugar had actually clumps, most likely from a little bit of moisture sneaking in roughly the lid. My flour was beginning to odor a little rancid. Yikes! my tea bags to be stale and produced lackluster tea.

So, as much as i loved them, I had to replace them — or in ~ least find safer points to save in castle while i looked for better containers because that my flour and sugar. And find something much better I did.

The OXO great Grips popular music 4.4-Quart Container holds whole five-pound bag the flour. Is there anything an ext satisfying 보다 emptying a complete bag right into its storage container and also not having actually to store half a bag or a quarter of a bag somewhere else — just to forget about it when you operation out? I deserve to answer that. No.

As we know from these advice on maintaining flour together fresh as possible, waiting is the adversary of fresh flour. Air provides flour go rancid, and also while you deserve to still chef with flour that's starting to age, it's really no the ideal flavor experience. If you invest weeks priming a sourdough starter for a loaf, the last point you want to use is flour that's much less than stellar.

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The whole OXO great Grips popular music Container line is made through BPA-free plastic. The lids room either stainless steel or plastic, both sleek and clean. Each container additionally has a large push button on the peak of the lid, and with a straightforward press you can develop an airtight seal to keep flour and also other foods items safe indigenous air. A silicone ring approximately the lid also prevents any type of air native sneaking in after you seal it.