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I went to gain some 5w/30 cell phone 1 now for the Trailblazer and also I looked it up in the Haynes it correct it take away 7 freaking quarts of oil?? (4.2L V6). That"s nuts, its walk to price me choose $75 bucks because that an oil adjust and I have actually to also do all the work!!! i have had V6s in just around every auto I own an never had an oil capacity prefer that. Also the 5.7L Chevy V8 in my boat doesn"t take that much!!!! Is this correct?
Well if you have a V6 the motor to be changed.They either have a straight 6(I6) or a V8.They right 6 does take 7 Qt.

Yup. 7 qts. My old 454 took 7 qts as well



Yes, 7 quarts.But $75 because that 7 quarts and a filter? native where? You"re acquiring ripped turn off if the is going to expense that much.

Yes, 7 quarts.But $75 for 7 quarts and a filter? from where? You"re gaining ripped turn off if that is going to cost that much.
I think that would certainly be ideal on par for full synthetic, filter, and tax. Perhaps a few bucks less. At least in my area.
Mobil 1 is $24.95 because that a 5 qt jug at Wal-Mart. Separation, personal, instance qts (2) space $6.95 to add an AC oil filter for probably $5.00. So it would be under $50.00 even with tax. I had actually a Mobil 1 oil change done on my CTS V once I obtained it and also I payment them $80.00. They desire $96.00 to adjust the oil in my F350 turbo diesel. The holds 14.5 qts. Needless to say, I carry out my own many of the time. (Actually my kid does it because that me.)
:iagree: Wally civilization is by much the cheapest location to to buy oil and also filters. AutoZone for example wants 29.99 for a 5qt jug and aproox 7.99 because that individual qts...way too much! correctly 7qts is max volume if the engine is bone dry. Mine commonly holds around 6.25 come 6.5 and also that includes priming the filter.
Always remember: wherever you go, there you are!:dielaugh:PCM4less,HID,DRL killer,cabin waiting filter,Mobil 1,K&N,LED"s,230K+,
7 quarts because that the I6 sump. Why no the traditional 5? Is not a diesel, that would certainly justify higher capacity. Shoot, the 460 V8 in mine dump van is a 5 quart change. Any kind of explanations? important needed? Does that make sense to anyone? evaluate from those that have actually oil life monitors and post here, I have the right to go more than 3k miles every oil readjust then?Happy Holidays.
Yes you can go an ext than 3k.. Native what I"ve read, go by the OLM. I"m law that, with synthetic, and also it has actually been virtually 9k miles since I readjusted it. Scary thought I"m gaining used to, I"m used to transforming every 4-5k miles even with artificial on the old car, certain hope this is ok :crazy:
I do not have actually an OLM, mine is a base design vehicle. Evaluate the info, numerous thanks. -MarkI agree, usage the oil life monitor, yet remember to not go longer than a year in between oil changes. Ns usually adjust mine every June.
I usage RP and a k & n oil filter (or a RP filter) and I"ve unable to do a an excellent 20K - 25K miles in between oil changes, and the price for the oil adjust is roughly 80$. Acquire the an excellent stuff and you"ll be fine.

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I thought 7 qt. Was crazy as well. I just readjusted mine through Amsoil synthetic. An excellent stuff. My wife commented on how quiet the engine was after the oil change. I very first had put the stuff in mine Jetta Diesel both in the engine and manual tranny. It yes, really quieted part lifters and fixed a shifting problem. I am sold on the stuff. This day I am an altering my Envoy"s front and also rear diff. And also auto tranny through Amsoil. I am an altering the transport case also but I have to use the stuff from GM because Amsoil go not have actually the equivalent. Ns am marketed on preventive maintenance now. That is a little bit expensive but I think the is precious it. You can go longer in between oil changes. I really like wix filters rather of the crap at wal mart. An excellent luck.
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