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I desire to carry out my own oil adjust on my 2002 BMW X5 (3.0I). How many quarts the oil does it take? say thanks to You.
about 7.75 quarts with the oil filter. Put 7 in, start it come pressurize the system and also fill the filter. Climate shut that off and check it utilizing the dipstick. Add accordingly.
I put 8.5 quarts in there. As we all understand though, BMW burns oil. I dubbed BMW and a organization guys called me 8 quarts. For this reason am i safe at 8.5 quarts?
I change the filter every time and I constantly use exactly 8 qts. I placed in the frist 7 start the engine. Closeup of the door of and check dipstick. It always just emotional the bottom mark. Add half a qt , approximately the middle. Include the other half right to the top. I figure something favor a qtr. Qt hangs up in the bottles and it works.

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Buy 8 qts readjust the filter and also you are good to go.
2006 x5 3.0 e53 oil change
I ussually put 8 party of oil (8 quarters) or 7.5 litters oil mobil 1 full synthetic oil I inspect the hand-operated book and also they claimed 7 soldier of oil therefore i just replace the hosuing gasket for the oil filter ns did the oil change first and then the gasket so come make certain i include it like fifty percent of the bottle currently the dipstick is under maximum exactly me if to be wrong i have another 2004 x3 3.0I have an additional 2007 525i through no dipstick
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