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Does Tamriel Rebuilt sell NPCs/quests/dialogue, or does it just add new landscape?How well execute Tamriel Rebuilt searches blend in v vanilla content?

Frequently detailed answers

In short: Tamriel Rebuilt uses NPCs, quests, and also dialogue. The goal of the job is to fit in with vanilla content seamlessly. If you are on the mainland and also there space no NPCs or interiors, you room in the unfinished TR_Preview section; you have the right to disable alpha contents by deactivating TR_Preview.esp.

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In detail: The goal of Tamriel Rebuilt is to include a level that content continuous with the vanilla game. At a straightforward level, this means that the project necessarily includes NPCs, quests, and also dialogue.

At the moment of the release of TR1807 “Old Ebonheart”, TR_Mainland had 293 quests, putting it at approximately 59% the the quest content that Morrowind, Tribunal, and also Bloodmoon combined.  

QuestlinesTamriel RebuiltMorrowind GotY
Main Questlines-62
East realm Company1119
Imperial Cult1625
Imperial Legion519
Fighters Guild3031
Mages Guild2433
Morag Tong-25
Thieves Guild2323
Tribunal Temple1330
House Redoran-36
House Hlaalu-31
House Telvanni1429
Vampire Clans-14


Each of the locations Tamriel Rebuilt adds intends to have an appropriate variety of NPCs, dialogue, and also quests, all of which must be equivalent to vanilla Morrowind at the very least and, if possible, more numerous and detailed.

In addition, our new assets (textures and meshes) space at a similar quality together the vanilla ones. Our settlements, dungeons, and wilderness areas are every designed to it is in at least on par through those that Vvardenfell, providing the quests fitting places to take place in.

Tamriel Rebuilt quests frequently have branching choices and also dialogue checks, our dungeons frequently have hidden locations or superior sights, and our landscapes are really ideal expressed in screenshots:

Adventures are concealed here

If you space on the mainland and it is clear incomplete - such together containing doors the don"t affix to anything, NPCs with only the most generic dialogue, a derth of biology encounters - girlfriend are many likely exploring our optional preview plugin, TR_Preview.

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To disable this alpha content, deactivate TR_Preview.esp in your Morrowind launcher or mode manager. If the troubles you suffer persist, please record a bug report.