Miller Park opened up in 2001 and is brand-new stadium home of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. The surname of the MLB ballpark is from the müller Brewing agency with rights to the name it rotates the end of the 2020 season. The American family Insurance will own the naming civil liberties of this ballpark in ~ the start of 2021.

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What Time does Miller Park Open?

Many fans ask what time do the entrances open in ~ Miller Park. The answer is around 90 minutes before the very first pitch.

Where is American family members Field Located?

The ar of fearbut Park is in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the joined States. The ballpark’s resolve is 1 Brewers method that sit in a large parking lot. The ballpark is around 2 hrs away native Wrigley ar which is residence of the Chicago Cubs and also 2 hrs from the White Sox Ballpark, Guaranteed price Field. Check out the fearbut Park parking guide if you arrangement to journey to the game.

In enhancement to baseball games, Milwaukee is residence to basketball together well. Examine out Fiserv Forum Parking tips if you arrangement to catch a basketball game out in the city.

What Team Plays at Miller Park?


The Milwaukee Brewers baseball team plays in ~ Miller Park. The Brewers are a significant league baseball team in the nationwide league. Since being established in 1969, the Brewers have actually never won a world Series.

What are the dimensions at fearbut Park?

Miller Park nearly has universal dimensions the end in the outfield from residence plate. From left come right, the ballpark has the complying with dimensions in feet. It’s 344 feet in left field, 371 in left center, 400 in center, 374 in best center, and also 345 in ideal field.

What is the capacity at miller Park?


Miller Park (Brewers Stadium) holds about 41,900 seats for game day. Stand room only seats expand the full capacity for the game, specifically in the playoffs. The most huge crowd document at a game was 46,219 i beg your pardon was versus the Chicago Cubs.

Brewers Tickets

The Milwaukee Brewers have actually been a very good baseball team end the past couple of seasons. In 2018, the Brewers had actually an mean of 35,196 fans which to be the sixth many in the game. Besides being a an excellent team, the Brewers hold theme nights which draws even more fan interest for baseball games. Baseball games versus the Houston Astros, Philadelphia Philles, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers, brand-new York Yankees, attract lots the fan. In addition to those games, you will see huge crowds as soon as the St. Luigi Cardinals, Boston Red Sox, and new York Mets visit. Finally, you will see less crowds once the Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks,and Miami Marlins visit.

Nearby Parks

If girlfriend head northeast that the ballpark, girlfriend will obtain to Target ar which is home to the Twins. If girlfriend head southern of müller Park, you will get to Chicago. In Chicago, you have actually the White Sox and Cubs the play at Guaranteed rate Field and also Wrigley Field.

Notable Events


Miller Park (Brewers Stadium) has actually a retractable roof, so pan don’t have to worry around rain delays. If it’s warm in the summer, the roof will certainly be closed to save everyone nice and cool. If it’s also cold in April or October, you can expect the roof to it is in closed as well. Having actually the capability to have actually an indoor baseball stadium is appropriate for any kind of weather.

During the game, you will watch the racing sausages that begin out in center field under the enormous scoreboard . Running of the sausages is a tradition at the ballpark wherein Brewers pan cheer on your favorite sausage in a race around the outfield ar walls. Countless other ballparks have replicated this prefer Cleveland and also Washington DC. For those cities, they usage something that is distinctive to their an ar like in DC making use of the to run of the presidents rather of sausages.

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Check the end my miller Park Review! Also, visit the American family Field Food guide to know what to get prior to your next visit!

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