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Hello, I need to buy about 30 sheets of 4x8 1/2 inch drywall. I don"t want to buy them in the city I live in cuz the 7 bucks a sheet. I"m thinking around borrowing my dad"s truck and going to residence depot or lowes to get it in ~ 5 bucks. The expedition would it is in 120 miles ring trip. And also for expense of traveling doesn"t do to much of difference because I must go there anyways.I haven"t measure up yet, but I"m suspect it would certainly fit in the truck bed, through the tailgate down. I am worried about them sliding out the ago while driving. I have ratchet tie downs, however would those damages the sheets? Anyone have suggestions on this?

You room going to journey 120 mile to conserve $60. Low estimate of price per mile is 50 cents or $60. Conserve the time and have the delivered.
My electric answers are based on 2017 NEC, friend may have local amendments.Location: coastal South Carolina
You room going to journey 120 mile to conserve $60. Low calculation of expense per mile is 50 cents or $60. Conserve the time and also have it delivered.
drywall 4x8x 1/2" weighs 54 lbs. Every sheet--30 sheets X 54= 1620 lbs.That"s a hefty load---how hefty duty is her dads truck?
He has actually a evade laramie 3/4 ton. Good point top top the load of the drywall. I"ll probably just obtain it in town I am thinking. Much less hassle in the end I guess. Most likely worth it..Thanks for the help!!!
I"ve got a 3/4 ton valve (old and also well taken treatment of) 30 sheets is a lot for that truck--120 miles?No.:laughing: have actually fun---Mike---
Just for the record, i picked up about 48 Sheets (8 or 10 of them to be 10 footers), pulled them in a trailer (rated for 3000lbs.) v a 98ish F-150 through a triton V-8. Not certain of the rating of the truck, yet it handled it nice well. And you deserve to take those "separator" type of points that room in between so plenty of sheets to safeguard it indigenous the tie down straps.

In the last 3 months ns hauled 38 sheets the 5/8ths one trip and also 56 sheets of 1/2 in. Another. My van is a 86 1/2 ton Chevy 4X4 and also it go fine. The thing that constantly worried me most was preventing ability. This one is fine, yet my last truck had actually drum brakes and it was a little bit nerve racking. I was just hauling this about 10 miles.
You are going to drive 120 mile to save $60. Low calculation of expense per mile is 50 cent or $60. Save the time and have it delivered.
Absolutely and if castle chew the up, they will pay for replacing it. And also definitely make sure the van is up because that it and also not just the engine and transmission. Make sure springs/shocks/struts and steering room in great shape through a hefty load or you might lose control over it if that lot in the bed starts swaying around. And also remember you have the extra weight. I supplied to deliver structure materials anywhere the SF just Area in all kinds the trucks and also realize human being thought I had the same capacity to stop just like the truck empty or something.

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We did 32 1/2" 4x8 sheets in a 93 explorer a few years back and I"m surprised us didn"t blow a shock together there to be a most strain ~ above the suspension however we just had about a mile come go. They will not slide as result of the weight yet you also have to worry around weather(rain/snow).I don"t think it"s worth the hassle in this case.
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