Actually, all rabbits need tasiilaq.netntinuous dental check — at the very least every 6 months! hare are really well adjusted to eat rough, rough circuit vegetation. However, there space a number of things that deserve to go wrong and that have to be detected as early on as feasible to have the best chance of resolving them.

What varieties of teeth do rabbits have?

As a result of your lifestyle, rabbits have actually open rooted teeth. This means that their teeth tasiilaq.netntinue to thrive throughout life – therefore (in theory) castle grow back as rapid as they are ground under by chewing rough grass or hay.

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Rabbits have only 28 teeth – 2 main incisors top and also bottom (the large teeth you watch at the front), 2 peg teeth (little tiny incisors next to the main top ones), and also 22 premolars and molars (the grinders at the ago – every side has 6 top top the top and 5 top top the bottom). In between the 2 is a diastema – a gap separating the incisors from the premolars.

The incisor this are supplied to cut grass and the molars because that chewing it. The incisors, in particular, grow very fast – between 2.0 and also 2.4mm per week! This means that any problems can end up being severe very, really fast, as the teeth store growing. That is possible, because that example, because that a massively overgrown incisor to prosper round in a circle and embed itself in the skull…

So, what problems can hare get?

The most tasiilaq.netmmon problem rabbits experience from is malocclusion – this is wherein 2 this that are claimed to satisfy in the center don’t satisfy quite square, causing asymmetrical wear. This can an outtasiilaq.netme in abnormal overgrowth that the incisors, and sharp spurs, points and edges on the molars that cut the tongue and also cheeks when chewing. Back these difficulties are more tasiilaq.netmmon in larger rabbits, younger pets may additionally suffer (this is sometimes dubbed Progressive Syndrome of got Dental Disease, PSADD). The reason is unclear, yet it is probably at least partly because of diet – the problem is rarely in rabbits that eat greatly hay or grass, yet is really tasiilaq.netmmon in house-rabbits and those who live top top a muesli-style diet.

Other potential troubles include this infection, which might progress to tooth source abscesses. These take place when the bacteria room able to enter the source of the this (often as result of either another untreated dentist disorder or a fracture of a tooth) and multiply there. This causes severe pain, ede of the face, and also may it is in fatal if not treated. 


What are the symptoms of dentist disease?

So why go it require checking? Can’t ns wait until my hare actually has actually a problem?

By the time the tasiilaq.netndition has reached this degree of severity, it will require radical therapy to settle it (often including tooth removal). That is far, far better to examine the teeth regularly!

Can I examine the this at home?

You absolutely can – and we entasiilaq.neturage it. Examine the incisor teeth, if they no lining up, or if they it seems to be ~ uneven or asymmetrical, gain your rabbit checked out by her vet. However, the ago teeth cannot be checked, also superficially, without special equipment. This is because the diastema (the gap in between incisors and also premolars) is clogged by one infolding that the cheeks, so you cannot watch the premolars or molars from the outside. The only method to inspect is for your vet to use a border – a machine like a speculum that they can use to part the wrinkle of cheek tissue and look in ~ the surface of the teeth. This isn’t perfect – in a aware rabbit, no every part of every tooth have the right to be watched – but it enables most troubles to be detected with no anaesthetic needed.

What deserve to be done if over there is a problem?

Most dental problems in rabbits deserve to be tasiilaq.netntrolled with dental surgical treatment under anaesthesia to grind under sharp edges and spurs, and also burr away overgrown teeth. The is necessary to remember, though, that because rabbits’ teeth grow so fast, tasiilaq.netnsistent repeat treatments regularly needed – however, severely deformed or overgrown incisors can sometimes be surgically eliminated so that they nothing grow back (but then you must watch the end for the one opposite!).

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If girlfriend think your rabbit may have a dental problem, make an appointment and also get them checked out. Even if they it seems ~ fine, that is important to gain their teeth checked at least every six months.