Chivas that Guadalajara fans cheer on their team throughout an exhibition versus the Chicago Fire in Bridgeview, Ill.

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For the last 77 years, you essential two points to play soccer for Chivas the Guadalajara: a wealth of talent and also a mexico passport.

But together the country’s once-homogenous first division has swiftly grown much more diverse, Chivas’ Mexican-players-only preeminence now hangs roughly the club’s neck prefer an anachronistic albatross. This season, more than a third of the players in Liga MX room foreign-born, as are 10 that the 12 leading scorers.

Appealing to mexico nationalism by refusing to sign foreign players has actually made Chivas among the country’s most popular clubs. Yet it’s also a huge reason the team has won just two titles this century and also only three due to the fact that Mexico visited the short-tournament format in 1996. However, Ricardo Peláez, the team’s director of soccer operations, stated the club won’t be an altering course any type of time soon.

Chivas, 11th in the 18-team Apertura standings with 5 games to play, will be in Los Angeles on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. To play C.D. FAS, El Salvador’s most successful team, in a friendly at Banc that California Stadium. FAS, which leads the Salvadoran first department halfway through the 22-game season, has actually a roster that consists of Dustin Corea, a 29-year-old Los Angeles indigenous who has actually played for eight clubs in 6 countries.


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“It’s an respect to job-related with complete Mexicans. There space things that must not change,” Peláez said in Spanish of the club’s nationality rule. “Football as a sport is very important on a social level due to the fact that it allows millions of people to feel identified with a team and therefore be part of a group. But the to know is no by the colour or the crest, the is by the philosophy, the background they represent.

“In the situation of Chivas, it cannot renounce that. Chivas represents absolute trust in Mexicans. Chivas is nationalism. The is being of the people and also for the people.”