You have the right to take hair dryer in hand luggage, so It’s a great idea to take a an individual hair dryer through you as soon as traveling abroad.

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However, below comes one more question:

Can you usage your hair properly in other countries? because that example, in europe countries. Let’s go with it together.

#1. Will certainly My Hair Dryer work in Europe?

Yes, but you need to pay fist to a few things. Otherwise, you might find your hair dryer have the right to not be able to function at every in Europe.

1. The strength Plugs / Sockets in Europe

If you take a look in ~ the American plug of her hair dryer, girlfriend will find it is a 2 level blade plug, i m sorry we speak to it plug form A.

However, in many of the european countries, type C plug is generally used. And also that makes the American hair dryers with a form A plug have the right to not it is in plugged into a europe outlet.

But that does not typical that we have the right to not use our hair dryer in Europe. What we need is a power adapter, i m sorry can adjust the shape of the plug so the we deserve to have a plug the is compatible v European outlets.

So, to acquire your hair dry work in Europe, the first thing is to acquire a power adapter.

2. The Voltage of her Hair Dryer & The Voltage in Europe

The second factor the determines if your hair dryer have the right to work in Europe is the voltage.

The Voltage in Europe is 220 volts. Friend should examine your hair dryer’s brand to see its voltage together well, and also you can additionally see the wattage of her hair dryer too. Usually, American hair dryers operation on a reduced voltage, i beg your pardon is about 120 volts. Over there are additionally hair dryer have the right to work on dual-mode, those hair dryers have the right to be switched, which enables you to usage the hair dryers in various countries. After check the product lable, if her hair dryer have the right to work ~ above voltages indigenous 110 volts – 250 volts, you are all collection to walk with just a power adapter.

What if her hair dryer only works ~ above American voltage?

If your hair dryer states it only works ~ above 120 volts, climate you need a power converter to make your hair dryer work-related in Europe.

A appropriate converter can convert the voltage and also make your American plug working in europe countries.

#2. Exactly how to know If my Hair Dryer Will work in a Country?

Since we’ve well-known there space two things that must look once taking hair dryers abroad, then utilizing your hair dryer in other countries becomes easy.

The actions are precisely the same.

1. Inspect the plug type

You have the right to go come to check what types of plugs/outlets the nation uses, and see if you require to bring a strength adapter with you.

Setting an example is constantly straight forward:

If you space going to Asia, let’s speak China, and China is on the list of the countries that use form A plugs, so friend don’t require a details adapter to change the form of the outlets.

2. Voltage in that Country

The next step is to inspect the voltage the the country uses.

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We assume your hair dryer only works on 120 volts voltage in the US, and we can additionally see China usage 220 volts in the list above. Therefore, you require a 120v to 220v converter/transformer if you require to gain your hair dryer work-related when traveling in China.

Okay, ns hope you have already known if her hair dryer can work all over in the world and what should you take. The last step is come hit the road & have actually a good trip!