There are 2 ways exactly how you have the right to calculate and also get the right data top top the power intake of your box fan. The very first is to use the data from your box fan and also calculate it, and also the second way is come use a device death A Watt Meter. First, you’ll require to understand the following:

The power of the box fan the is measure up in kilowatts per hour (kWh)How long the crate fan will certainly be runningThe expense of electrical power in her area

1. Obtain the kWh

Just usage the number of watts that your box pan has and divide it by thousand. Because that instance, if your box fan has 150 watts, simply divide the number by 1000, and also you will obtain 0.15. Therefore, the power consumption of your box pan is 0.15 kW.

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2. Total Working Time

The next thing you need to identify is exactly how much your box fan will be running. If it is used for 8 hrs a day because that the next 30 days, it is a complete of 240 hours of work.

3. Expense Of power In her Area

Finally, you must know just how much is the price of electricity in her area. In the unified States, the average price the 1 kWh is about 13 cents. Recognize how numerous hours your crate fan has actually been working, multiply it by kWh and the average price of 0.13 cents and you will know how much it costs to run a crate fan.


Let’s remain that you have actually a Lasko Premium Box pan that has actually the power of 110W. Throughout the summer you usage it because that 8 hours per day to cool under your room. By this data, we’ll get how lot it will cost use to run this model for a whole month. Stop start.

Lasko Premium Box FanPower: 110W = 110/1000 = 0.11 Speeds: 3

P = 0.11 x 8 x 0.13 = $0.114

By this we can see that running a box pan will price us $0.114 for sooner or later or $3.42 for a month.

Another and much better way just how you can get the real power intake of her box pan is to usage a death A Watt meter. Merely put this an equipment into her outlet and also connect it with your box fan. All the electrical energy that goes through this maker will it is in measured and you will gain the exact number of how much power girlfriend consume.

Ways To reduce The box Fan power Consumption

If her box pan is making use of too much power, monitor these advice to save energy:

Unplug the fan when you don’t need it. This means that it cannot cause any type of hidden prices in standby mode.Use the lowest feasible fan speed. This method your box fan will certainly use much less electricity.Set increase the fan so that it deserve to distribute the air well, i.e. In the center of the room or next to a window where the air deserve to mix.Finally, improving the energy impact of your whole home, by opening the windows at night for example, or by working on the all at once insulation, will allow you to limit the use of her fan.

Find Out just how Much strength Does her Box fan Use


The crate fans have a lot of advantages. Some brand-new models come v a ton of new features that room handy such together remote controls, removable grills, front-facing control buttons, etc. The great thing that provides these box fans so great is that they don’t use a lot of power (electricity). However, that still an excellent to know how much power it is. That pretty basic to discover out, and also here is exactly how you can know the power intake of her fan:

1. Find The Box fan Wattage Label

The only data you must know exactly how much energy your box pan is spend is come know wattage power. By learning the watt you will be able to calculate the cost to operation a fan. That details should be listed on the label or on package fan itself. Typically, many box fans use in between 50 and 100 watts, yet some stronger models have the right to go approximately 200 watts. Therefore, the bigger crate fans are, the greater the wattage will be.

2. Wattage label Isn’t Available

Sometimes, you will certainly not uncover the wattage brand on your crate fan, but some other information can be pointed out such together volts and also ampers . By making use of this data you can easily calculation the wattage and know how much strength your box fan consumes. The formula is simple: P = V x A . If you can not find any kind of data top top your crate fan, then you have the right to look because that that model on the internet and see the specifications on the manufacturer’s website.

Consider electrical Power and also Noise

There is no energy label as soon as it comes to choosing a box fan. It is, therefore, much better to try it in the keep to establish the draft it generates and the noise that produces. To recognize the electrical power it spend (watts), look at on the packaging box or directly on the device. 


The electrical strength consumed through a box fan is most often proportional come the air displaced (to the wind the produces). As a result, prior to buying such a device, we will certainly ask ourselves whether it need to cool a solitary person or a team of people? Should he blow all over the body, or just the upper body?

Consider acquiring a box fan that supplies Brushless motors. Castle consume about 40% much less electricity than classic motors and also they space also quieter. The warmth released by a running pan is directly linked to the electric power that it draws. 

The different box fans top top the industry are differentiated by your design and also technology. Some hide your propeller(s) in the foot of the maker and diffuse the air through a ring. They additionally offer various options: change speed, oscillating airflow, timer for automatically shutdown ~ a user-defined period of time, far control, smartphone management, etc.

How Much electrical power Do Different species of Box fan Use?

Each box fan has different specifications and also therefore spend a various amount of energy, but the average variety of power consumption of a box pan is between 50 watts all the way up come 200 watts. though the dimensions and also the layout of package fan don’t directly influence the strength consumption, the wattage is the most crucial parameter that decides exactly how much power your crate fan will certainly use.

In most cases the enlarge the dimensions of the box fan are, the more power it consumes. Most box fans will have actually a label on them wherein you have the right to see exactly how countless watts there are.

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Important Parameters when You space Buying A box Fan

When you decision to buy a box fan, it will certainly be important to it is in vigilant on two criteria to alleviate the power consumption of a fan.

The power

Each crate fan offered on the sector relies ~ above a nominal power which is express in watts. This method the maximum energy the maker will should operate at full power. In our example, we took an average operating strength of 100 watts. This default will have a significant impact on the cost connected with the use of the ventilator.

Size and Dimensions

The size and also dimensions generally indicate the strength and efficiency of package fan. If that has large blades, it means it will certainly use an ext power to turn them. If she cooling part medium-sized room, girlfriend don’t require a substantial box fan, yet you can take rather a kind 20-inch one.

What Is The Power intake Of A small Box Fan?

Typically, the small box pan use around between 25 watts to 35 watt on median when they run at full speed. Once using the lowest and also medium speed, it spend approx 15 come 25 watts. Tiny box fans are those that space equal come 12 customs (30 centimeters) or less. These little fans are a an excellent choice if you are looking to cool down the room in a short period of time.

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Final Thoughts

When temperatures room rising, a box fan is just one of the best and most economical ways to cool under your room. It doesn’t consume a many electricity and also it’s straightforward to use. Even if it is you have actually an waiting conditioner in your home, a box fan is a good way come cool a room quickly and at a reduced cost. The power intake of these devices is approximately 100 watts. Ns hope the this write-up helped you and also that girlfriend know how much that will price you to operation this device.