Welcome to her trusty buyer’s overview for televisions – teaching you what come look for when taking a television in and also how to price it accordingly. End the past couple of decades, tv sets have become a prominent component of… review More

Welcome to your trusty buyer’s guide for televisions – teaching you what come look for as soon as taking a tv in and also how to price that accordingly.

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Over the past few decades, television sets have become a prominent component of ours society. Even in the development of digital streaming, consumers still great to purchase high top quality television monitors to check out their favorite shows (although they may be utilizing Roku, GBox or apple TV versus Cable).

With the being said, consumers room willing to make a large investment in order to obtain the best modern technology for your viewing experience. Yet, once times acquire rough and also they must pawn an item – televisions are usually a go-to item because they room in fairly high demand and also they have the right to usually get a decent loan turn off of it. Likewise, pawn shops like to take it TVs in due to the fact that of that exact same demand and also the capacity to conveniently sell the inventory when it access time the shelves (especially throughout holidays).

However, with so countless models and species of televisions in circulation, it have the right to sometimes be difficult for the mean pawnbroker to important know how much to value details models and also price accordingly. You have the right to spend hours researching the numerous models on online, but this buyer’s guide will save you part time by putting together the difficult facts and also numbers come consider when evaluating a television’s worth.

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Factors to Consider

1) Age, Size, and also Condition

As with most electronics, the newer it is the better quality and greater price it can usually fetch. The is crucial to get an accurate age that the article to identify it’s relevancy, as more recent models will also come with more bells and whistles which is an ext appealing when it come time for resale.

The size of the monitor is also of utmost importance as numerous consumers recently follow the mantra “the enlarge the better.” Essentially, people want to develop their own residence theaters and also a small 32″ screen just won’t cut it. Not to speak those aren’t beneficial for prefer a child’s bedroom or for a smaller space, yet generally the larger the display size the better.

When taking in the item, closely examine the exterior condition. Examine for any dings, loosened ports, or crack in the display screen – as all of these will considerably decrease the value.

2) Brand Name

With many electronics, a product’s brand name carries a many clout and also consequently, receives a higher price tag. The most renowned TV brands, follow to consumer Reports, space LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony. Below is picture ranking the most well-known brands:


Image from customer Reports

3) LCD vs. LED vs. Plasma

The three significant types that TVs accessible nowadays room LCD, LED, and also Plasma – each tech providing different benefits and also eventually, determining the best comes down to individual preferences.

Here are the winners for some various categories follow to CNET:

Brightest Light output : LED LCD

Best contrast Ratio: Plasma

Best Resolution: LED LCD (1080i, 1080p)

Highest refreshing Rates: all Types

Best city hall Angle: Plasma

Lowest energy Consumption: LED LCD

Lowest Price: CCFL LCD

Highest Price: LED LCD

4) Features

As stated before, more recent TVs usually have a lot an ext features that can considerably increase your value. Greater end TVs will have 3D and/or SmartTV features which boosts their power but additionally carries a significantly greater cost together well.

Also, look for WiFi or net Connectivity options because online streaming is coming to be ever more popular and also so its virtually a must have actually for consumers once buying TV sets. In addition to the net capability, the number of ports (HDMI and AV) is far-ranging as many home theaters require to attach multiple devices to your tvs- dvd players, streaming devices, gaming consoles, surround sound, and more.

5) Accessories

Believe the or not, having all or most of the accessories that initially come through the TV will have actually a nice drastic affect on it’s as whole value. Points to look at for and be certain to incorporate are strength cables, TV stand, remote control, and also if at every possible, the original box and documentation. Granted, to acquire every solitary one of this in a secondhand instance is slim however the more you can examine off, the better!

So now that you’ve request questions and examined the tv, you have now got to the hard component – identify a price. Let me assist – I’ve compiled a tv comparison, based turn off of the Product intelligence data detailed in Bravo, to provide you one idea the what the median loan amounts, price sold, and inventory turnover for three different tv’s are:


As mentioned above, the prices on televisions can fluctuate, specifically as brand-new products are released, so the is important to above real-time data (which Bravo ‘s product intelligence does for you). Once you lastly settle ~ above a price, the job-related isn’t quite over yet – girlfriend now have to prep the item come sell.

Steps come Take as soon as Selling

1) Reset to factory Settings

Before listing a television for sale, the is essential to turn the TV on (make sure it is tho in appropriate working order) and also go to the settings to reset ago to the manufacturing facility default. Countless TV owner manipulate setups to their own viewing preferences or utilize parental controls, every one of which can frustrate a brand-new owner when very first initially booting up your TV. Save them the hassle, especially because it just takes a few moments, and reset the TV to original settings – essentially, wiping out any type of settings and changes ahead owners have actually made.

2) Cleaning

I’m sure you currently know how necessary presentation is to correctly represent the value of an item, therefore take the time to properly clean the TV prior to putting that on your salesroom floor. Also after placing it out in the showroom, take time come wipe off fingerprints and also dust the accumulates as those can easily turn turn off potential buyers. This consists of properly clean everything down and cleaning accessories yet taking care not come damage any cables or screens in the process.

3) Snap a photograph (or Two)

A most times electronic devices can receive higher prices when sold online and therefore, it is important to create precise and high high quality online listing. The an initial step in doing for this reason is to take a high quality snapshot of the TV – recording it’s finest aspects, while additionally being truthful and also showing any type of dents/dings too. Don’t let over there be any type of surprises as soon as the the person who lives receives the TV – so it’s really on girlfriend to make certain that all images accurately portray the quality of the item. Online shoppers are way more likely to purchase an item that has actual image over things that only has stock images due to the fact that they deserve to really see what they are purchasing and also not feel ripped turn off by receiving something totally different.


4) Packaging

The original box is appropriate to have yet oftentimes, owners execute not keep them and therefore carry in TVs there is no it. So as soon as it come time to delivery a TV that has sold online, be certain to acquire an appropriately sized box and also have lots of secure packaging to safeguard it from gaining damaged throughout the shipping process. Don’t simply throw every the accessories in haphazardly – instead, tie increase cords and also place in ziploc bags so they aren’t loose in the box and can be easily found by the new owner.

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Let this overview serve as a resource for absorbing and offering televisions at your pawn shop. You too have the right to utilize the product knowledge data and easy-to-use research tools in Bravo – allowing you to an ext accurately price items based turn off of real-time market data.


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