It is definitely interesting exactly how being a dad has adjusted my perspectives on life, the world, and scripture. Today, the Christmas story native Matthew and also Luke to be illuminated come me in a totally new and also wildly unexpected way.

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My heart was awakened as we sang the classic carol “O’ holy Night”. I began picturing the classic nativity scene. Then, the Christmas sermon our pastor yielded recounted the bear of Christ… to compare the angry tyrant King Herod, v the loving, humble, an effective King Jesus.

During church, i started mirroring on mine wife’s pregnancy and the bear of our son. During my reflection, I began comparing and also contrasting our endure with the suffer of Mary and Joseph as new parents the Jesus.

I i think most new Christian parental think these things… however, the is new to me. Mine meditation on and also experience of the miracle of Christmas is profoundly different than a year ago. So, right here we go…

MY WIFE and I, after having actually been married because that 4 years, uncovered out she to be pregnant after taking 3 or 4 pregnant tests.

MARY uncovered out she was pregnant, together a virgin, by proclamation from an point of view of the Lord.

26 In the 6th month the angel Gabriel was sent from God come a city that Galilee named Nazareth, 27 to a virgin betrothed to a male whose surname was Joseph, of the residence of David. And also the virgin’s name was Mary.28 And he pertained to her and also said, “Greetings, O favored one, the lord is v you!” 29 But she was greatly troubled at the saying, and tried to discern what sort of greeting this could be. 30 And the angel stated to her, “Do no be afraid, Mary, for you have discovered favor through God. 31 And behold, you will develop in her womb and bear a son, and you shall speak to his surname Jesus. 32 He will certainly be great and will certainly be referred to as the child ofthe most High. And the mr God will provide to that the throne of his dad David, 33 and he will regime over the residence of Jacob forever, and also of his kingdom there will certainly be no end.” Luke 1:26-33

Her initial an answer was expected… “And Mary said to the angel, “How will certainly this be, since I to be a virgin?” Luke 1:34. Finding out you room going to have actually a child currently introduces a plethora of questions and also anxieties. Imagine recognize out choose this! was it a dream? exactly how will this work? Imagine the various other considerations the went with Mary’s (and at some allude Joseph’s) mind.

She was a teenage girl.She was not married. This had substantial implications. She might legally have actually been stoned come death.She would certainly be dubbed a whore for the remainder of she life.She to be told she would certainly be impregnated by magnificent miracle and that her son would it is in the kid of God! (Luke 1:35). Have the right to you imagine processing this?

Mary’s an answer was incredible… specifically for a teenager!!

And mary said, “Behold, i am the servant of the Lord; permit it be to me follow to your word.” And the point of view departed from her. Luke 1:38

This solution reminds me that Christ’s teaching on prayer: “Our father in heave, hallowed by her name. Her kingdom come, your will certainly be done, on planet as that is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10-11.

Mary was additionally most most likely illiterate and not an extremely educated. However, we understand she was a student of scripture (via traditional oral recitation) because of what Mary stated in Luke 1:46-55 (click attach to read). This is one of countless stupendous stories peppered throughout scripture of God making use of “the least” come magnify and proclaim His Name right into eternity.

She to be no scholar, yet she more than likely knew the prophecies about the Messiah. She might have also knew what she would someday witness the fulfillment the the prophecies and also watch her kid would it is in beaten and also murdered.

Also, I can only imagine being Joseph during every one of this. He was excited and smitten v this fiance. Climate he found out she to be pregnant. On optimal of that, he had to number out just how to trust what would have seemed prefer crazy talk… what go “impregnated by the divine Spirit” mean? Imagine the terrible gossip being muttered roughly town around Mary and Joseph. They stayed in a really tiny town. Yuck.

Thankfully, God miraculously spoke to him.

18 Now the bear of Jesus Christ took location in this way. When his mom Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be v child from the holy Spirit. 19 And she husband Joseph, being a simply man and unwilling to put her to shame, addressed to divorce her quietly. 20 But together he thought about these things, behold, an point of view of the Lord showed up to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, carry out not fear to take mary as her wife, for the which is conceived in her is indigenous the holy Spirit.21 She will bear a son, and you shall call his surname Jesus, for that will conserve his civilization from their sins.” 22 All this took place to fulfill what the mr had talked by the prophet:

(which means, God with us). 24 When Joseph woke from sleep, the did as the angel of the lord commanded him: he take it his wife, 25 but knew her not till she had provided birth come a son. And he called his name Jesus. Matthew 1:18-25

Note: perform not miss out on that Joseph did not have actually sex v his wife until AFTER she offered birth (probably months later). This definitely shows Joseph’s discipline, obedience, and the high quality of man he was.

Mary and Joseph were newlyweds.

WE were excited come tell family… so we drove come their dwellings in ours cushioned, air-conditioned, gas-powered car and also flew in airplane 1000s of miles to visit friends and family.

MARY trekked ~70 miles on foot or donkey, together a pregnant woman, indigenous Galilee to Judah come be v her aunt and uncle. 

My mam was exceptionally nauseous in her first trimester. She had a comfy bed, air conditioning, any type of food she needed, and also nausea medicine. The pilgrimage to Judah must have actually been miserable. Don’t forget… she also had come travel ago to Galilee AFTER she visit v family.

WE had health coverage with Kaiser Permanente. We had countless visits come multiple medical professionals that cared because that my wife and the baby. Modern-day technology enabled us and also doctors to monitor the love beat and see photos of our kid when in the womb! My mam was a little bit scared around the idea the the pain and also experience that childbirth.

MARY was a poor teenager who knew her kid would it is in the son OF GOD!

What the heck type of questions run through a teenage mother’s mind pertained to that?

She most likely had access to a mid-wife or she mom… but, what walk they know 2000 year ago? Again, all while being gossiped about and also being given dirty looks roughly town.

Surely she was likewise got many of advice indigenous people around how to it is in a mom. I’m sure she thought, “Does this use to the kid of God?” mine wife absolutely got a many advice.

Surely she to be a little scared the the idea of the pain and experience the childbirth.

WE live in America, a autonomous republic with chosen public officials and many regulations with balances the power. 

MARY lived in an area ruled but a totalitarian, evil King Herod.

King Herod to be so narcissistic and maniacal the he do the efforts to death “all the male kids in Bethlehem and in every that an ar who were 2 years old or under (Matthew 2:16).

Can friend imagine just how scared they were? they knew lock were safeguarded by God. However. They were human and also surely believed someone might shot to death them in ~ every corner.

During my WIFE’S pregnancy… we researched every kinds of object on the internet and also went come birthing classes.

During MARY’S pregnancy… she and Joseph probably acquired advice from your parents?

We had so countless questions and more information in ~ our fingertips than we might hope to ever before exhaust.

Don’t forget, they most likely gossiped about and referred to as names by persons in the town. Various other women probably did not want to be linked with Mary.

MY WIFE invested her 3rd trimester in the lull of our home, with access to pretty lot anything she could possibly want.

MARY invested her 3rd trimester travel 100+ miles BY DONKEY v the desert. 

My mam was so uncomfortable during her 3rd trimester. I did everything I could to assist and offer her (as i am certain Joseph did Mary). She had any type of food she go or did not desire.

Mary probably had actually barely enough food come live on. She and Joseph traveled through the hilly, dusty, rocky, scrub-brush desert. Deserts are horribly uncomfortable. The days room hot and the nights are cold. Lock most most likely slept under the stars, exposed to the elements… ~ baking in the warm sun every day.

They were dirty, exhausted, and tired.

I to be wondering what sort of dad I would be to our son. I felt horribly inadequate. I worried around silly things like me being a nerd and not-handy (what if my child wants come play football… he can get hurt!)… and also not being able to teach my son “manly things”. Ns was fearful of problems with the birth or genetic troubles with mine son.

How the heck heck hell did Joseph procedure through gift a dad to the child of God?!?!?! Talk about feeling inadequate!

When mine WIFE began labor, we loaded our pack suitcase right into our comfy minivan, and drove right to the hospital. My wife and also I had actually been to our hospital dozens the times. We knew specifically where come go and what come do once we gained there. I had rehearsed the in my head many times.

When MARY began labor, she and also Joseph were frantically make the efforts to discover ANYWHERE come rest!

They knew lock were about to give birth come the magnificent Son of God, but were the end of town and could not discover anywhere come go!

And she gave birth to her firstborn child and wrapped that in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, due to the fact that there was no ar for them in the inn. Luke 2:7

This to be both Mary and also Joseph’s first child. Lock were more than likely a little excited, however mostly anxious and also scared the end of their minds.

During my WIFE’S labor and delivery, we had actually millions of dollars and also centuries of suffer in scientific equipment, medicine, and seasoned medical expert tending come every feasible need us had. We offered birth in a sterile hospital room. Once my son was born, we had a handful of medical experts taking treatment of EVERYTHING.

Near the end of mine wife’s labor, the pain to be unbearable, so she gained an epidural to take it the edge off.

A midwife pulled the infant out and stitched up mine wife. Directed by the nurses, I reduced the umbilical cord. After holding the infant for a moment… the registered nurses cleaned the child, confirm for problems, cleaned him, sweet / measured him, provided him a vitamin shot and also other medicine, put anti-bacterial gel in his eye to stop infection, wrapped him, and also did who knows what else.

Our boy was ar in a sterile container that monitored his body temperature and also vitals to make certain he was OK.

The totality time, i was freaked out that something can go not correct at any kind of moment, yet tried come not present it. I prayed favor crazy.

During MARY’S labor and delivery… she felt every oz of the pain. She had actually a scared husband that had actually probably never seen a bear before. She gave birth in a stinky, pet barn.

Perhaps someone told them what to mean or what needed to be done at various points in the labor and also delivery? THEY were TEENAGERS. Ns cannot imagine transporting our kid alone. Maybe they had actually to cut the umbilical cord by banging 2 rocks together? maybe they had actually a sharpened rock or some other utility?

What if something went wrong?

I gambling Joseph was praying favor crazy.

Joseph was trying come encourage and support his wife.

They to be alone.

They were cold.

They to be dirty.

Baby Jesus was wrapped in old cloth and also placed in an pet feeding trough.

When MY child was born… there was no pomp and also circumstance. We knowledgeable the miracle of life. While I’m no trying to minimize that miracle… nothing else occurred (except ns cried a lot and also was overwhelmed v emotions I had actually never endure before). We sat in the room overwhelmed… trying to procedure everything that had actually happened.

When MARY’S kid was born… angels and also the cosmos claimed his Glory, and also wealthy men fell to the ground in worship of she baby. 

 13 And unexpectedly there was through the angel a multitude of the heavenly organize praising God and saying, 14 “Glory come God in the highest,and on earth peace among those through whom he is pleased!” Luke 2:13-14

And behold, the star that they had seen when it increased went prior to them till it concerned rest over the ar where the kid was. 10 When they experienced the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with an excellent joy. 11 And going right into the home they saw the son with mary his mother, and also they fell down and also worshiped him. Matthew 2:9-10

Creation screamed His surname in the type of a excellent star.

Remember, Mary and Joseph were poor. The presents they got from the wise men were valued at plenty of years wages. They most likely rarely or ever even saw males like this in their lives.

Surely they sat in the barn… overwhelmed… trying to process everything that had happened.

After MY son was born… we stayed at the hospital because that tests and also care. I was worn down after being up for practically 2 days through no sleep. My wife was make the efforts to number out how to chest feed. Ns was trying come think of every little thing I can do to care for mine wife. Then us loaded ours son into a automobile seat, placed him right into the minivan, climate went back to ours comfortable house. Us were careful and also a little bit frightened.

I thought about how ns would carry out and care for my family members (financially and also spiritually).

We marveled in ~ the beauty beauty of our infant boy. We watched his chest rise and fall as he breathed. Ns momentarily gasped if my son’s breathing rhythm readjusted at all. Us stressed as soon as he cried and also we walk not understand the reason. I even got a little bit annoyed and also angry once our boy was crying and also would no stop.

After MARY’S son was born… they loaded up the donkey because that a unplanned pilgrimage to Egypt, then later back home come Nazareth. 

The easily picked up every little thing at night and departed on an unplanned trip to Egypt.

13 Now once they had departed, behold, an point of view of the Lord showed up to Joseph in a dream and also said, “Rise, take the child and also his mother, and flee come Egypt, and remain there till I call you, because that Herod is about to find for the child, to damage him.” 14 And he rose and also took the child and also his mom by night and departed to Egypt 15 and continued to be there till the fatality of Herod. Matthew 2:13-15

They were ridiculously exhausted.

Imagine just how uncomfortable that expedition was for mary after what she body had been through. Childbirth is so incredibly violent. Imagine transporting the helpless baby on the ago of a donkey through the desert… to a location you had actually never to be before, while being frightened because that your and your baby’s lives!

What inquiries ran through their minds together they processed experiencing the painful and bloody miracle of childbirth AND… by the way… handling that mar had provided birth come the kid of God?

They journeyed earlier to your mediocre hometown, to resume some kind of normal life… simply as we did… with the son of God in their arms.

Imagine what the is like once it gets approximately town the you in reality think you are the parents of the son of God.

Joseph thought about how he would provide and also care for his family (financially and spiritually).

They marveled in ~ the beauty of their infant boy. They watched his chest rise and also fall together he breathed. They probably momentarily gasped if their son’s breathing rhythm changed in ~ all. They stressed once he cried and they go not know the reason.

Dare i say they even got frustrated, annoyed, or angry once baby Jesus to be crying and also would not stop? That’s what babies do. Human Baby Jesus was no a perfect quiet baby the walked about with a clearly shows halo and also started talking at age 0. They to be exhausted. May and Jesus were wonderfully obedient lovers of God, yet they were not divine. I bet they thought “Wait a minute… this son is a tiny frustrating… how can he it is in the son of God?”

When MY son was born… with tears in mine eyes, I hosted him in my arms. Ns wondered what our new normal would certainly look like. Ns wondered what the future held. He was a soft, tiny, helpless, pure, crying, precious, beautiful, baby human boy, and DISGUSTINGLY FILTHY SINNER.

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When MARY’S child was born… with tears in she eyes… she and also Joseph held Him in your arms… They wondered what their brand-new normal would certainly look like… They wonder what their and also His future held… He was a soft, tiny, helpless, pure, crying, precious,beautiful, baby human boy, and also the life GOD… in FLESH… and SAVIOR OF all HUMANITY.