There is an awful most DNA stuffed right into every cell.

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Ben"s blog on stars and also grains the sand got me come thinking about DNA. Just how long would certainly the DNA from every living point on planet stretch? could we do it come the following star? The next galaxy? The finish of the Universe?

Let"s begin out v people. Each human cell has roughly 6 feet the DNA. Let"s speak each human being has around 10 sunshine cells (this is in reality a low ball estimate). This would mean that each human being has around 60 sunshine feet or about 10 billion miles of DNA inside of them.

The planet is around 93 million miles far from the sun. So her DNA could stretch come the sunlight and earlier 61 times. That is one person’s DNA.

The best estimate I can find of the world’s population of human being is around 6.7 billion. When we main point 10 billion miles of DNA through 6.7 billion, we end up with, well, a really huge number. Something like 6.7 X 1019 or 67 quintillion miles. The is too large a number therefore let’s convert this to irradiate years.

A irradiate year is approximately 6 X 1012 miles. For this reason all person DNA would certainly stretch 11.2 million light years. The the next star to earth (besides the sun) is about 4.2 irradiate years. So we shoot way past that! The Andromeda galaxy is around 2.5 million irradiate years far from united state so person DNA could stretch over there and ago two or 3 times.

What if we include the rest of the DNA top top the planet? It would obviously be much farther yet it is tough to calculate because we don’t recognize how plenty of plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, etc. There are on the planet. We also don’t have detailed information around every types on Earth.

Let"s add bacteria to the mix. I determined on this due to the fact that we recognize how plenty of cells space in a bacterium—one.

One number I witnessed was that there room 5 X 1030 bacteria on Earth. Bacterial DNA often tends to it is in a lot smaller than human being DNA so there will certainly be less of it every cell. Let"s to speak on median there is 4 million base pairs that DNA/bacterium (this number can be off by a really lot). This equates to around .05 customs of DNA every bacterium which way you must scrape together about 1.3 million bacteria to acquire a mile the DNA. So all the bacteria in the people have around 3.5 X 1024 mile of DNA.

How much is 3.5 X 1024 miles of DNA? Well, it is about 640 billion irradiate years that DNA. The finish of the observable universe is around 14 billion light years away. Therefore if we extended out bacterial DNA it would certainly go to the finish of the cosmos and ago around 23 times. Of course it would be extremely thin and also so actually doesn"t take it up much space in the Universe.

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So that"s simply human and bacterial DNA. (Well, mainly bacterial since human is so piddly in comparison.) i haven"t added all of the rest of the DNA out there. I"ll leave the to you.