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A dare collector in ~ a Costco store. john Gress/Reuters

PayScale-reported wages averaged close come $12 an hour for cart collectors; Costco"s brand-new minimum fairy mandates the these employees now earn at least $15 an hour.

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Glassdoor average base pay: N/A

PayScale average hourly rate: $11.94

Gas-station attendants say they are paid an average of $13 one hour.


A Costco gas station. Getty/Kevork Djansezian

Previous reporting from business Insider"s mary Hanbury shows that Costco members gain access to cheaper gas. Attendants assist run this gas stations in ~ Costco locations.

Glassdoor mean base pay: N/A

PayScale average hourly rate: $13.54

Stockers reported mean hourly incomes of $13 come $14.


Shelves complete of merchandise at a Costco location. a katz /

Stockers are responsible because that arranging wholesale item on Costco"s countless shelves. Positions encompass both day and also night move to keep stores stocked at all times.

Glassdoor average base pay:$14

PayScale median hourly rate: $13.41

Most cashiers to speak they earn around $14 an hour.


Costco cashiers aid check the end customers. Helen89/Shutterstock

Cashiers, also known as clerks, space usually paid Costco"s beginning rate. Recently boosted in March, the hourly minimum is currently $15.

Glassdoor average base pay: $14

PayScale average hourly rate: $12.54

Front-end aides say lock earn around $14 an hour.

A Costco employee checking a shopper's receipt. Tim Boyle/Getty images

Front-end assistants aid check Costco membership cards and also receipts upon customer entrance and also exit.

Glassdoor typical base pay: $14

PayScale mean hourly rate: N/A

Meat wrappers at Costco say they earn about $14 an hour.

A Costco employee at the deli counter. Justin Sullivan / Getty photos

Payscale data shows that deli clerks also earn around $14 one hour. Additionally, Glassdoor data mirrors that meat cutters are paid one average annual salary of $37,562. Previous report from service Insider"s Courtney Leiva reflects that several experienced chefs opt to use Costco meat.

Glassdoor median base pay: $14

PayScale mean hourly rate: $14.31

Bakers to speak they earn about $13 come $14 an hour.

A Costco baker. Damian Dovarganes/AP photos

Bakers are responsible for giving fresh products every day. Glassdoor data additionally featured reported annual salaries of over $37,000 because that this position.

Glassdoor typical base pay: $14

PayScale typical hourly rate: $13.53

Cake decorators in ~ Costco's bakeries to speak they earn $13 to $15 an hour.

A Costco cake. Anoka county Library/Flickr

Cake decorators room responsible for tailoring orders for members.

Glassdoor median base pay: $15

PayScale median hourly rate: $13.13

Travel agents speak they earn around the Costco minimum fairy of $15.

Airplanes in ~ a Seattle airport. Reuters

Travel agents aid Costco members publication vacation packages, consisting of cruise trips and also theme-park options.

Glassdoor average base pay: $13 come $15

PayScale median hourly rate: $15.89

Photo laboratory technicians reported hourly incomes of about $14 to $16.

Glasses i ordered it at a vision treatment center. Shutterstock

The bulk of posted averages for picture lab technicians were close come Costco"s minimum fairy — though some individual employees did list a higher hourly salary.

Glassdoor mean base pay:$14

PayScale mean hourly rate: $16.01

Tire technicians report hourly wages of around $14 to $17.

Costco customers' car in a keep parking lot. Justin Sullivan/Getty images

Tire technicians help install new tires top top Costco members" cars, among the exclusive right of the superstore"s lifetime maintenance service.

Glassdoor typical base pay: $14 to $16

PayScale mean hourly rate: $16.90

Pharmacy employees' salaries variety depending top top position, however most technicians reported hourly incomes of $15 to $23 an hour.

A Costco pharmacy. Cassiohabib /

Glassdoor data likewise showed that pharmacy managers earned an average yearly salary the $125,861 a year. Additionally, PayScale report an typical of $15.20 because that pharmacy interns.

Glassdoor median base pay: $15 to $23

PayScale mean hourly rate: $14.83 come $16.14

Wine stewards and also stewardesses say they earn about $16 one hour.

A Costco liquor department. Justin Sullivan/Getty images

Wine stewards and also stewardesses assist shoppers in Costco"s liquor department.

Glassdoor average base pay: N/A

PayScale average hourly rate: $16.01

Forklift vehicle drivers in Costco warehouses to speak they earn average salaries of as much as $20 an hour.

A forklift driver in a warehouse (Costco not pictured). Andy Cross/The Denver article via Getty photos

According come Glassdoor reports, other warehouse workers at Costco make beginning salaries of about $14 come $15 an hour.

Glassdoor median base pay: $15 come $20

PayScale average hourly rate: $15.28 to $16.80

Payroll clerks speak they earn about $23 come $24 one hour ~ above average.

A Costco employee scans things in a customer's cart. Tim Boyle / Getty images

Overseeing other employees" salaries, a payroll clerk (or specialist) earns more than Costco"s minimum wage. While numerous payroll employees reported hourly incomes (listed below), Twenty-four workers reported annual salaries of about $42,000 to Glassdoor together well.

Glassdoor average base pay: $24

PayScale typical hourly rate: $23.07

Truck motorists reported hourly incomes of $18 come $27 one hour.

A Costco truck provides a delivery to a Costco keep in Carlsbad, California. Mike Blake/Reuters

Glassdoor data because that truck motorists also noted annual salaries averaging over $66,000.

Glassdoor median base pay: $26 come $27

PayScale median hourly rate: $18.36

Audiologists report hourly rates averaging $24 an hour.

an audiologist helping fit customers for hearing aids. Rachel Murray/Getty photos

Audiologists aid fit Costco members for hearing gadgets at the Hearing help Center.

Glassdoor average base pay: $70,378 a year

PayScale median hourly rate: $24.23

Supervisors earn around $20 come $26 an hour, a bit greater than entry-level employees.

A Costco supervisor. Elaine Thompson/AP pictures

Supervisors oversee numerous of the various other Costco positions listed, including cashiers and also stockers. Additionally, Glassdoor data reflects that area managers earn an yearly salary of around $70,000while merchandising managers earn end $73,000.

Glassdoor median base pay: $26

PayScale mean hourly rate: $20.80

Licensed opticians to speak they earn anywhere from $22 to $27 an hour.

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accessibility to eye exams native a licensed optician is just one of the services detailed by a Costco membership. Paul Sakuma/AP picture

Licensed opticians help fit Costco members for brand-new prescription glasses. Glassdoor data likewise showed reported annual salaries averaging virtually $52,000.

Glassdoor average base pay: $26 to $27

PayScale average hourly rate: $22.36

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