When the FDA authorized the usage of silicone implants as a safe alternate to saline implants in 2006, the move began discussing i m sorry implant type was superior. Through the advantages and flaw of each form of implant, patient are offered a an option as come which they would want to use for their chest augmentation.

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No single implant kind is much better than the other. Saline and also silicone implants each have the qualities that make them appropriate for women’s anatomy, needs, and desires. However, through its raising popularity together its approval for sale and use, silicone implants ended up being the preferred kind of implant through plastic surgeons and patients alike.

Silicone Implants and also Weight

As protest to saline implants, silicone implants room filled through a thick and also viscous silicone gel enclosed in an outer shell. For many, since the gel shows up to be denser than the saline (salt) solution, silicone implants it seems ~ heavier.

Commonly, patient ask about silicone implants’ weight and whether the adds extra load to your body. It’s normally a reasonable inquiry due to the fact that breast implants do have weight, and any additional load after breast augmentation method discomfort instead of a satisfying and complication-free outcome.

So, will silicone implants include to her body weight?

A an easy answer to this question is yes. However, the included weight will be negligible.

How to identify the load Silicone Implants add to overall Body Weight

Generally, the volume – not its kind – dictates the load of an implant. Implant volume is measure up in cc (cubic centimeter), inside a given number of cc is equivalent to the number of grams. So, a 400 cc breast implant would weigh around 400 grams.

In calculating just how much load silicone implants add to your total body weight after chest augmentation, us must think about the implant fill’s particular gravity. Specific gravity describes a substance’s density against a density standard that is generally water (for any kind of liquid substances) or heavy materials.

Saline solution has actually a certain gravity the 1.0 g/cc while that of silicone is 0.97 g/cc. To acquire the weight the silicone implants will include to your in its entirety body weight, you need to:

Multiply the volume of the implants (in cc) by the certain gravity of the silicone gelDivide the answer by 454 grams to convert the weight to pounds

Let’s to speak you arrangement to gain 350 cc silicone implants:

350 cc x 0.97 g/cc = 339.5 g (round turn off to 340 g)340 g x 2 = 680 g for 2 silicone implants680 g/ 454 g= 1. 49 lb.

For two silicone implants, an estimate of 1.49 pounds add to to her weight. This is a fairly small quantity of weight that would add minimal heaviness come your as whole body weight. Also, manufacturers of silicone implants to exclude, the load of the implant shell prior to filling. Therefore, many of the extr mass originates from the silicone gel only.

Fat carry Breast Augmentation


Fat transfer breast augmentation offers a patient’s tissues, do the breasts look and feel as natural as possible. This technique offers patients tiny to no scarring and shorter recovery time.

Bigger and also Heavier Implants: Is it yes, really Better?

With the assorted breast implant options accessible to women, that is becoming more daunting to choose the ideal breast augmentation implant size. Despite different approaches to recognize the correct size, the adhering to reasons affect women to walk for bigger implants:

Recommended or advised by friends and colleaguesA various body frame from a typical breast augmentation patient (e.g., bodybuilders and fitness competitors)Improvement of body image and confidencePost-mastectomy chest reconstructive surgery

Breast implant size can range from 150 ccs to 700 ccs, wherein implants with a 350 cc to fill are reputed a large chest implant. Manufacturers periodically can also customize silicone implants up to 800 ccs (950 ccs because that saline implants), relying on the patient’s desire. However, most plastic surgeons do not advise using bigger and heavier implants than necessary for number of reasons, which include:

Breasts could sag and may require additional surgery prefer breast lift come correct.It restricts athletic and also recreational activity.Neck, shoulder, and ago pain may take place in the lengthy run.Breasts could end up being disproportionate as result of the load of the implant.Post-operative problems might arise, such as:Implant visibility and also ripplingImplant malposition of the implants may end up being too high or also low ~ surgery.Breast organization compression may cause atrophy the the herbal breast tissues.Breast ptosis and thinning of chest skin

When the require calls because that it, plastic surgeons opt to choose bigger or heavier implants throughout breast reconstruction surgery. They might also enable the use of larger implants in patients who previously had breast implants already. Plastic surgeons are cautious to evaluate the patient’s herbal breast tissues, chest size, and even the degree of sagging along with their weight and height prior to they give complete consent to usage larger and heavier implants.

Breast improvement Options: Fat move vs. Breast Implants


Today, one of the most typical cosmetic measures is breast augmentation. If you are trying to find an effective method to improve your breasts, fat transfer and breast implants room the two many popular choices to boost your chest area.

Strike A Balance between Appropriately-sized breast Implants and also Your Goals and also Desires

With countless implant options now available, it have the right to become complicated for ladies to come at the an ideal implant size and type for their body, mainly due to the fact that they likewise have to consider their anatomy. This is where your board-certified plastic operated doctor plays a vital role in narrowing under your implant choices. Their expert knowledge and training in assessing and developing breast augmentation protocols can assist you arrive at the appropriate and proportional chest implant size.

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There is nothing dorn with having actually a comprehensive increase in breast dimension by going because that bigger and heavier implants. However to keep a satisfactory and also problem-free post-augmentation outcome, that is ideal to strike a balance between your goals and an implant size perfect for your body.


Dr. Pankaj Tiwari, is a board-certified plastic operated doctor who focuses on breast reconstruction with progressed microsurgical methods (DIEP and also GAP flaps) and the therapy of lymphedema. monitor Dr. Tiwari on Twitter & Facebook!