The iphone phone X was announced ~ above September 12th, 2017 and also released on November 3rd, 2017. It to be a powerful new generation that iPhone.

Are girlfriend upgrading come an iphone phone 11, desire to eliminate your iphone X, or simply want a short term loan fast? You’ve concerned the right place. Tim Apple would be proud of your choice to pawn or sell your iphone X/XR/XS thru

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What specs go the iphone phone X have?

The iphone phone X is a major upgrade native the iphone phone 8. The iphone X has a slick bezel-less design and also no chin, unlike Android phones. The iphone phone X has wireless charging and also an OLED screen screen allowing the dark pixels to get much an ext dark than any kind of other phone call before. It additionally scans the user’s confront to unlock the phone. The iphone X was discontinued after just 10 month of production to make means for the iphone phone XS and also XR.

Why wasn’t there an iphone phone 9?

We perform not know. We asked Apple, however they claimed not come ask again, or we’d end up prefer the iphone 9. Difficult break.

How is the iphone X different from the iphone XR and also iPhone XS?

The iphone phone XS is almost exactly the same as the iphone X. That is much faster though. The iphone phone XS has actually a much better camera with greater resolution 보다 the iphone phone X. The iphone XS likewise has a slightly smaller sized battery, but uses less power than the iphone phone X; this renders the iphone phone XS’s battery last longer than the iphone X.

The iphone XR is a cheaper variation of the iphone X. All three of the iphone X, iphone phone XS, and also iPhone XR have actually the same handling unit. The iphone phone XR is completely identical to the iphone XS, other than that it has actually a slightly different architecture with fewer bezels, and also a haptic touch rather of a 3D touch. The 3D touch senses different pressures and also changes it’s response accordingly. The haptic touch just senses whether over there is pressure to the touch or not.

iPhone XS

Why should you pawn or offer your iphone phone X, XR, or XS now?

If you space going to pawn or offer your iphone phone X/XR/XS you must do it as shortly as possible. The iphone phone 11 was simply released top top September 20th, 2019. If you desire the many money for your device you must pawn or sell it immediately because the is about to shed value together the iphone phone 11 takes over market share. 

You have to pawn or sell your iphone X/XR/XS for number of reasons. Possibly you room upgrading to the iphone phone 11, and also no longer need her iPhone X/XR/XS. You shouldn’t wait around for year to offer your iphone phone X/XR/XS. Probably you no longer care to usage Apple products and also are switching end to Android devices. In that case, you shouldn’t save your iphone X/XR/XS hanging roughly the house. Lastly, perhaps you require money today and also do no need accessibility to her phone any kind of more. In that case you should pawn or market your iphone X/XR/XS.

Why carry out phones lose value fast?

Phones execute not maintain value and also jewelry or antiques. Phones do not even retain value as lengthy as various other electronics, like laptop computers or TVs. There room 2 significant reasons because that this.

First, there space a ton of brand-new phones constantly released in a much much shorter span than desktop and laptop computers. The iphone X was released in November the 2017, the iphone XS to be released September that 2018, and also the iphone 11 to be released September of 2019. Over there is a year or less in between each that these release dates, and also each phone is very similar to the last, but also a major upgrade. The phones perform not stay as the existing model for much more than a year. Laptop computers and TVs carry out not have as high that a turnover rate as phones. This is a major reason to offer your phone call as rapid as possible.

Secondly, phones room not constructed to last as long. Computers and TVs are developed to critical for number of years. Phones are cheaper 보다 computers, and also built come last because that 2-4 years. Phones are much more cheaply built than desktop or laptop computers, and have fewer architecture features. Apple’s goal is to do you buy new phones as fast as possible, and they are very great at achieving your goal.

iPhone XR

What is the difference between pawning and also selling?

There is a difference between pawning and selling, also though you deserve to do both at a pawn shop. When you space pawning a phone, girlfriend are giving it to a pawn shop together collateral for a loan. The loan quantity is the value your call is appraised at by the pawnbroker.

The loan will have to be paid back by a given day that you and also the pawnbroker agree on. As soon as you pay ago your loan and also by the given date, you need to expect to get your phone back.

Selling a phone in ~ a pawn shop is really straightforward. The phone call is appraised and also you one of two people agree to market it to them fully for the amount, or you don’t. You have negotiating power, yet do keep in mental pawnbrokers tend to save a an excellent pulse top top the current pricing of digital devices.

Pawn shops space a reselling company so they need to have the ability to sell her phone because that a profit. That is simpler for them come buy it from you than it is because that them to worry you a loan. You will certainly get an ext money if you offer it come them than if you pawn her phone.

Do pawn shops desire your iphone phone X, XR, or XS?

Yes. Pawn shops desire your iphone X/XR/XS. Over there is a giant market for large electronics in ~ pawn shops. Pawn shops will pay girlfriend for her phone and also easily market it. Her iPhone X/XR/XS is tiny and valuable, which space the 2 points pawn shops favor the most. They like small things because they are straightforward to store, and also they like beneficial things due to the fact that they offer for large amounts.

Your iphone X/XR/XS is still very current compared to the iphone 8 or iphone phone 7. This method that the iphone phone X/XR/XS would certainly have substantially less wear and be much an ext valuable to potential buyers. Pawn shops are also aware the the iphone 11 just came out, which means that potential buyers will certainly flock to pawn shops to try to obtain an iphone phone X/XR/XS. Pawn shops desire to be stocked increase in order come sell.

What would pawn shops want instead of your iPhone X, XR, or XS?

While pawn shops carry out want her iPhone X/XR/XS, the pawn shops that desire your call the most will most most likely specialize and also deal lots of other electronics. Execute you have a TV or a computer you no longer need? do you have actually a Nintendo Switch, one XBox One, or a pretty PS4? do you have actually retro video game consoles and also games? bring them in v your phone call to acquire a good deal and much more money. Video game consoles are built to last for a long time and will fetch numerous cash indigenous a pawn shop.

How much Money can I mean from a Pawn Shop for an iphone phone X, XR, or XS?

The iphone phone X/XR/XS space the many expensive generation the iPhones. The mean payout from a pawn shop for a pawn loan is around 45-50%, whereas the typical sell price is roughly 60%. This would acquire you around $450-500 for pawning, or $600 for selling. However, keep in mind that phones come to be obsolete fast, and also might be worn out by the time you bring them right into the store. The max payout because that an iphone phone from 2019 to be $600. Depending upon the quality and wear of her iPhone X/XR/XS, expect $600 or less. 

How must I Prepare My iphone phone X, XR, or XS to be Pawned or Sold?

If you desire to pawn or sell your iPhone, clean her phone. Clean your phone. Find all of the equipment for your iPhone X/XR/XS. Find the charging block. If you have the box and case it initially came in, that will acquire your more money. Perform a factory reset of your phone. 

To do a factory reset of your iPhone, go to setups > general > Reset and also select “Erase every Content and Settings”. It will certainly ask girlfriend to kind in your passcode, then offer you a warning the you will erase all your content and settings. Accept, and also tap “Erase iPhone”. This will return her phone to manufacturing facility settings.

Remove your sim card and also keep it. This is your identity card for her phone number. Make certain the phone is powered off. Open up the iPhone, situate the sim card, and also use a sim card remover pen to eliminate the sim card. Keep the center card. 

Finally, be sure to turn off iCloud and also deactivate uncover my Phone.

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Your iphone is all set to pawn or sell.

What is the Fastest method to Pawn or offer iPhone X, XR, or XS?

Use Submit her iPhone X/XR/XS top top our submission page. We have actually a big selection of neighborhood shops on our platform that will contact you, normally within 24 hours, come ask to give you prompt cash for her iPhone. Pawn or offer today!