Small, adorable, and also utterly unique, Pugs are few of the most well-known dogs in the modern-day world. Hailing indigenous China and becoming specifically popular through European royal households in past centuries, these dog are known for their flat faces and friendly nature.

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Our 3 component Mission

Between you, your puppy and also your dog breeder, delight is our foundation. California Puppies does points differently.


Connect ethical, responsible breeders v ethical, responsible families. Us take the headache and also doubt the end of finding and also adopting the perfect pooch.


Educate and assist families top top puppy health and happiness, from puppy to senior, by curating just the ideal services, products and also learning resources.


Accelerate the closure that puppy mills by empowering honest breeders and exposing inhumane breeders. Stop be part of the solution—together.


5 Star Breeders

We only job-related with Pug breeders who pass our 47 breeder standards. Here are a few of them...

About California Puppies authorized Breeders

No scams. No mills. No backyard breeders. We vet all breeders and also partners based on our strictly Breeder Standards. Once you find a California Puppy, you nothing just obtain a pet—you gain peace that mind understanding your brand-new pal originates from an ethical, knowledgeable breeder that cares because that dogs just as much as your household does.

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Are Pugs an excellent for apartments?

Absolutely! In fact, there are numerous apartment dwellers and tiny homeowners in search of a Pug for sale in California thanks to the fact that this dogs work so fine in smaller spaces. They"re only small dogs and they"re quite lazy too, therefore don"t require a many room to move around or big backyards to operation in. Don"t forget, however, that they carry out still need some practice to avoid getting weight.

Can I only pick from regional breeders?

In the past, if you want to buy Pug puppies California, you had to border your find to regional breeders only. Depending on where friend were, friend either had actually to choose between Pug breeders north California or Pug breeders southerly California, but in modern times, things have changed! The vetted breeders in ours network space able to make travel arrangements for your dog, carrying it the end to a major airport near you and letting you select from a broader range of breeders and puppies all throughout the country.

How carry out you display breeders v Pug puppies for sale in California?

There are a the majority of scams and unethical breeders out there giving Pug puppies for sale north California, but we"re here to bust v the lies and aid you prevent the backyard breeders. Any type of breeder wanting to sign up with our network has to pass our in-depth screening procedure, i m sorry takes a variety of factors into account like pet welfare and professional reproduction standards. Read through our Breeder Pledge to discover more.

How lot is the average Pug?

Looking for a Pug because that sale California? There space no resolved prices once it involves Pug puppies because that sale in southerly California or Pug puppies north California. The expense of any pug depends on various factors like the cloak color, eye color, basic appearance, breeder experience, and also more. Fortunately, we have actually a large network of breeders with a good range the Pug pups at all various prices, so you"re bound to discover the best one because that you in ~ a price you like.

Why is California Puppies various from finding a dog online?

There are countless sites the end there whereby you can discover a Pug breeder California and buy puppies, yet not every one of them are truly reliable. Countless companies sell dogs indigenous backyard breeders and also puppy mills, but we execute things differently. Us take the moment to individually evaluate every breeder that wants to sign up with our network, only giving the top 10%. In short, when you search for California pug breeders v us, you recognize you"ll only obtain the really best results.

What’s every this about puppy mills? Why space they for this reason bad?

Sadly, a many of civilization looking because that a Pug California end up buying dog from puppy mills. Pups native these areas are way more likely to have actually health worries and shorter lifespans, leading to huge vet bills and significant stress for their owners. Puppy mills are all about profits, without any real care for the animals involved, therefore if you believe dogs deserve better, we recommend avoiding puppy mills at all costs.

Are there any kind of Pug combined puppies available?

For sure! There space plenty that designer Pugs the end there nowadays and also you can uncover a good mixture that Pug puppies in California indigenous our reliable breeders. Even if it is you want French Bulldog Pug mix puppies because that sale in southerly California or an additional unique variant of California Pug, our extensive network that breeders can accomplish your needs.

What kind of dog is a Pug?

Back before there to be a solitary Pug breeder southerly California or any kind of Pug pups in the US, these dog originated in China. They to be later brought to Europe, where they became popular through royals and nobles choose Dutch kings and queens. Indigenous there, your popularity grew and grew, with many world enjoying their fun-loving nature and cute little faces. Overall, pugs can be defined as adorable and amusing dogs with large personalities!

How walk California Puppies work?

At California Puppies, us aim to help you adopt a Pug in California as quickly as possible, and the whole procedure starts right here. Browse v our selection of currently obtainable Pug pups indigenous our partner breeders and also businesses. Call the breeders to ask any kind of questions or request an ext info if girlfriend like, and also then make arrangements to collection your pup once you find one the sounds best for you.

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What are some of the usual Pug health and wellness problems?

Due to their flat faces, Pugs can suffer from respiratory difficulties more commonly than various other dog breeds. Castle can likewise develop eye and skin issues too, so owners have to pay unique attention to their facial area and seek note veterinary therapy if they notice anything wrong. Remember that your Pug pup will be much more likely to have health issues if friend buy indigenous a backyard breeder or puppy mill.