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Flattens out considerably after 1875. You"d conserve a little bit of money jumping up one level, then considerably less each level after that.
Actually Kradek, i was walking to make a graph yet I check out you"ve gained it spanned
I simply did some fast stats of my very own if anyone is interested.
It walk seem that as much as saving money goes, you don"t need to buy noþeles bigger than the 1875 package uneven you simply want a shitload of tokens.
lol examine my math. If girlfriend buy 100,000 tokens twice, using, respectively, the last two packages, you conserve $26 on the best package. Absurd.
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Now that ns have access to it, I execute tend to use the 7575 package. No that it saves any money (because the difference is negligible) however it"s much more convenient to only must buy tokens once a month or so.

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Google spreadsheet link. I included the % the the token price the goes come the model. Anyone the clicks the connect can now edit it to add whatever you want.
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It doesn"t really seem that helpful to me to think about it this way. Because that a model, a token is 5¢, no matter what, so the makes more sense to consider the amount taken by MFC together a pecentage the what the member pays.Afer all, if ns buy 400 tokens at one rate and also 1875 tokens at another and then have actually some various other tokens the were moved to me by who else, the doesn"t really matter which tokens walk to i m sorry model. To the model they"re interchangable.I take into consideration the overhead i pay in purchase tokens to be like what the credit transaction card carriers charge for money conversion as soon as I travel abroad. In this case, the foreign money is tokens. (But MFC"s markup is even much more outrageous 보다 the banks, back in some cases not by all the much... I"ve been screwed pretty badly by financial institutions in the past on that.)