Veterinary technicians in Louisiana are part of a cultivation field of pet workers. The number of jobs obtainable for vet techs, and veterinary assistants and also animal caretakers, is steadily growing, which means more methods for those who love pets to find a profitable career in the state.

Veterinary Technician Salaries

Vet techs functioning in Louisiana do an average yearly salary that $27,410. This is lower than the national average salary for vet techs, however the low cost of living in the state provides up for the discrepancy. Additionally, top earners in the state deserve to make as lot as $36,470 every year. Vet assistants and caregivers knife less, in ~ $23,520 annually, yet do not need to be licensed.

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Requirements for Veterinary Technicians

The Louisiana board of Veterinary medication (LBVM) patent vet techs in the state. To become licensed, you must an initial complete a veterinary modern technology program that has been accredited through the American Veterinary clinical Association (AVMA) and also then happen the vet Technician nationwide Examination (VTNE). The following step is come send a completed applications to the LBVM with the compelled fee, school transcripts and exam scores. Candidates licensed in an additional state must additionally submit two recommendation letters to attest to character and professionalism.

Featured School
Penn Foster college – veterinarian Technician Program

Full accreditation native the American Veterinary medical Association (AVMA). Clinical externships through a private practice near your house or penn Foster College’s companion VCA pet Hospitals. Gain hands-on experience alongside licensed veterinarians and credentialed veterinary technicians. Call 1-800-851-1819 today.
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AVMA-Accredited vet Technician Programs

Vet techs in Louisiana must have actually completed an educational routine accredited through the AVMA. These programs are designed come prepare students for the expert work that vet techs perform and to pass the VTNE. Optimistic vet techs have 4 programs to pick from in Louisiana:

Veterinary Technician job in Louisiana

According come the bureau of job Statistics, there room over 1,300 vet techs and also over 1,200 vet assistants and animal caretakers right now working in Louisiana. They are employed by private exercise veterinarians, animal hospitals, kennels, rescue centers, wildlife organizations and also animal emergency hospitals. Some of the necessary employers in the state include:

Veterinary Technician professional Organizations

In addition to the nationwide Association of veterinarian Technicians in America, a professional organization that offers vet techs nationwide resources, vet techs in Louisiana can join the Louisiana combination of veterinarian Technicians. This organization offers vet techs in the state with information about licensing, continuing education and professional networking opportunities.

College and University Listings

Baton Rouge, LA Area

Baton Rouge community College

201 community College Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806Veterinary modern technology – combine Program

The Associate’s regimen at Baton Rouge neighborhood College is available at their campus in the city of Baton Rouge, LA. The bulk of the the school’s 7,740 students space on 2-year programs. The college is accredited by the southerly Association of Colleges and also Schools, commission on Colleges. The price of tuition for in-state students is usually about $3,872 and for college student from various other states in the stimulate of $7,951 yearly, if books and also supplies might cost about $1,200, although this varies from regime to program.

Hammond nonmetropolitan area Area

Northshore Technical community College

1710 Sullivan Dr, Bogalusa, Louisiana 70427Veterinary technology – Certificate Program, Veterinary an innovation – associate Program

Northshore Technical ar College supplies multiple maintain options, consisting of a Certificate program a combine program and a Certificate program. Classes are taken at their campus in Bogalusa in Washington County, Louisiana. The university has about 3,752 student in total, v the bulk of students on 2-year programs. The college is accredited through the board of directors on occupational Education. Fees for tuition for in-state student are likely to be in the bespeak of $3,935 and for students from exterior the state most likely to be around $7,444 yearly. Learning materials may cost around $1,220, return this will vary v the program.

Natchitoches nonmetropolitan area Area

Northwestern State university of Louisiana

University Parkway, Natchitoches, Louisiana 71497-0002Veterinary modern technology – associate Program

The Associate’s degree program in ~ Northwestern State college of Louisiana is teach at your campus in the city of Natchitoches, LA. The the 9,002 students, around 12% room postgraduates. The university is accredited by the southern Association that Colleges and Schools, commission on Colleges. The expense of tuition for students living in the state is roughly about $7,006 and also for students from various other states roughly $17,794 for each scholastic year. Examine materials have the right to cost roughly $1,220, depending upon the regime chosen.

New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner, LA Area

Delgado community College

615 City Park Ave, brand-new Orleans, Louisiana 70119Veterinary modern technology – combine Program

Delgado ar College’s Associate program in Veterinary modern technology is teach at your campus in the city of brand-new Orleans, Louisiana. This windy college has in the an ar of 17,152 students in total, through the bulk of students on 2-year programs. The university is institutionally accredited through the southerly Association of Colleges and Schools, the supervisory board on Colleges. Tuition fees because that in-state student are usually in the order of $3,911 and also for college student from external the state around $8,200 annually. Discovering materials may cost about $1,200, return this will certainly vary v the program.

* Tuition fees and also accredition status room correct at the moment of writing, follow to the National center for education and learning Statistics ( Confirm through college prior to applying.

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Other Options

Louisiana residents have additional educational alternatives in the neighboring states of Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas.