Do you recognize exactly how to figure out specifically exactly how a lot a recipe costs you to make? You may be surprised at the REAL Cost…

As a frugal food blogger, one of the biggest frustrations that I’ve encountered is the sheer number of civilization that don’t understand also how to break down the price of a recipe. The reason this is frustrating for me personally is bereason as soon as we produce a recipe and also take the moment to break dvery own the cost, we carry out so to try to help civilization who are struggling to continue to be within their budget.

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We take the time to do this because we want others to be able to SAVE Money and also uncover recipes that are affordable for their own households. Unfortunately, that time and power is frequently met with “No -sah, it expenses ____ to make it”.


Your expense is obviously going to be slightly different also if you live adjacent because of the truth that each person shops in a different way. Some civilization shop through coupons, some shop discount stores or dollar stores, some buy in bulk, while others purchase continuous retail. This is why we typically try to base our Recipe breakdvery own making use of Walmart prices.

It’s not bereason we endorse that specific keep, it’s bereason the prices are exceptionally comparable throughout the USA and also we’re trying to carry out indevelopment that is as exact to your personal area as humanly feasible.

How to Calculate the Cost of a Recipe

The Cost Breakdvery own, Tip by Step

In this specific instance, we’re going to usage Aldi prices, because that’s what I have in my pantry, Aldi brand assets.

Here is an Actual Recipe from our site: Copycat Bisquick™ (Full directions here)

This recipe calls for the following:

This Mix makes just over 9 cups of the mix which is the specific equivalent of a 40 oz box of Bisquick™.

Recipe Cost Calculation

Here’s exactly how we calculate the price of a recipe:


1 (5lb) bag of flour is $1.29 (Aldi Price) there are 20 cups of flour in a 5lb bag- so $1.29 separated by 20 = 0.06 per cup of flour- we need 8 cups for this recipe so 8 x .06 = 48¢

1 (4lb) bag of sugar is $1.49 (Aldi Price) tbelow are 9 cups of sugar in a 4lb bag- so $1.49 divided by 9 = 16.5¢ per cup of sugar- this recipe supplies 1/4 cup so 16.5 cents split by 4 amounts to .04 cents per 1/4 cup

1 container of baking powder is 56¢ (Aldi Price) tright here are 383 servings per container (1/8th tsp per serving) so 383 split by 8 = 47.875 teaspoons per container. 56¢ divided by 47.875 = 0.0111 cents per teaspoon there are 3 tsp per tablespoon x 4 = 12 tsp = 0.133 cents

1 container Salt .50 (Aldi Price) there are 431 servings (1/4 tsp per serving) per container. Which means tbelow are 107.75 teaspoons per container. Divide .50 cents (the cost of the entire container) by 107.75 (the variety of servings) = price per serving .004 cents .004 x 4(tsp) = 1 penny.

1 Container Shortening $2.69 (Aldi Price) tright here are 113 servings per container, 1 TBS is the serving dimension. There are 16 Tablespoons in 1 cup. $2.69 divided by 113 servings = 0.0238 cents per Tablespoon. 0.0238 cents x 16 Tablespoons = 38¢ per cup. An alternate means of figuring this is 113 servings separated by 16 tablespoons = 7.06 cups. $2.69 separated by 7.06 cups =38¢ per cup.

So, Let’s recap what we have actually so far:

8 cups of flour is 48¢ 1/4 cup of sugar is 4¢ 4 teaspoons of salt is 1¢ 4 TBS baking powder 13¢ 1 cup of shortening is 38¢


Total Cost of 1 recipe Copycat Bisquick™ = 1.04¢

Here’s how NOT to Calculate the Cost of a Recipe:

1 (5lb) bag of flour is $1.29 (Aldi Price) 1 (4lb) bag of sugar is $1.49 (Aldi Price) 1 container Salt .50 (Aldi Price) 1 Container Shortening $2.69 (Aldi Price) 1 container of baking powder .56¢ (Aldi Price)

The complete price of recipe $6.53 “because I had actually to buy all the ingredients”.

It’s incorrect to figure the entire expense of ALL the ingredients because you didn’t usage ALL of the ingredients. Tright here are a number of ingredients still left for you to make many kind of more recipes, therefor it did NOT price you $6.53 to make the recipe.

Now, let’s take a look at the price of 40oz of Bisquick™, it is currently detailed for $3.28 for a 40 oz box. We’ve currently discovered that it expenses us only $1.04 to make the exact same amount of homemade quick mix.


How to find the Percentage of Savings

Subtract the Smaller Number from the bigger numberuncover the difference between the two: $3.28 – 1.04 = $2.24then divide the distinction through the larger number: $2.24 divided by 3.28 = 0.68then relocate the decimal 2 areas to the appropriate of the answer and the answer is 68%So, by making your very own quick mix, you are literally saving 68% or in this situation $2.24 on just one item.

Now, if you purchased simply 1 box per week, you’re literally spending $170.56 per year on just Bisquick™. If you made your very own you would certainly literally save $116.48 in 1 year, JUST by making ONE mix rather of buying it. Imagine the affect of swapping out simply 5 convenience food items from your grocery budget each week.

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Now, if you don’t think you have TIME to make your very own Mixes, you might want to examine out this short article . . .

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