This automobile has actually a 2 door off-road automobile body style through a front placed engine giving power to all four wheels.The Jeep Wrangler"s engine is a naturally aspirated petrol, 2.5 litre, overhead valve 4 cylinder via 2 valves per cylinder. This powerplant develops 123 bhp (125 PS/92 kW) of power at 5250 rpm, and maximum torque of 189 N·m (139 lb·ft/19.3 kgm) at 3250 rpm.A 5 rate hands-on transmission delivers the power to the wheels.The quoted weight at the kerb is 1335 kg.

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brief dataWhat body style?How long?How heavy?What dimension engine?How many cylinders?How much power?WheelbaseTrack/tcheck out (front)Track/treview (rear)LengthWidthHeightGround clearancelength:wheelbase ratioKerb weightWeight distributionfuel tank capacity
engineengine typeEngine manufacturerEngine codeCylindersCapacityBore × StrokeBore/stroke ratioValve gearmaximum power output(SAENet)Specific output(SAENet)maximum torque(SAENet)Specific torque(SAENet)Engine constructionsumpcompression ratioFuel systembmep (brake intend reliable pressure)Maximum RPMcrankshaft bearingsEngine coolantUnitary capacityAspirationCompressorIntercoolerCatalytic converter
performanceAcceleration 0-80km/h (50mph)Acceleration 0-60mphAcceleration 0-100km/hAcceleration 0-160km/h (100mph)Standing quarter-mileStanding kilometreMaximum speedPower-to-weight ratioWeight-to-power ratio
fuel consumptionFuel consumptionuniversal fuel consumption (calculated from the above)litres/100kmkm/litreUK MPGUS MPGCarbon dioxide Calculated CO2 ?VED band also (UK)CO2 Effizienz (DE)
chassisEngine positionEngine layoutDrive wheelsTorque splitSteeringtransforms lock-to-lockTurning circleFront suspensionRear suspensionWheel dimension frontWheel dimension rearTyres frontTyres rearBrakes F/RFront brake diameterRear brake diameterBraked areaGearboxTop gear ratioFinal drive ratio




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2 door off-road vehicle through 4 seats
3858 mm
1335 kg
2.5 litre, 2464 cm3
4, Straight
125 PS / 123 bhp / 92 kW
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dimensions & weights
2372 mm93.4 inches
3858 mm151.9 inches
1676 mm66 inches
1826 mm71.9 inches
1335 kg2943 lb
normally aspirated petrol
Straight 4
2.5 litre2464 cc(150.363 cu in)
98.4 × 81 mm3.87 × 3.19 in
overhead valve (OHV)2 valves per cylinder8 valves in total
125 PS (123 bhp) (92 kW)at 5250 rpm
49.9 bhp/litre0.82 bhp/cu in
189 Nm (139 ft·lb) (19.3 kgm)at 3250 rpm
76.7 Nm/litre0.93 ft·lb/cu3
963.9 kPa (139.8 psi)
616 cc
Higher is better93.42 PS/tonne (1000 kg)0.09 PS/kg68.7 kW/tonne (1000 kg)0.07 kW/kg92.13 bhp/tonne (1000 kg)0.09 bhp/kg0.04 bhp/lb
Lower is better14.55 kg/kW24.31 lb/bhp
four wheel drive
5 speed manual