A year-round, low-volume knit hat for any type of outdoor pursuit. Make of 100% recycled polyester and has a secure fit. Fair trade Certified™ sewn.

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Soft, Skin-Friendly Fabric

Made from 100% recycle polyester yarn that feels soft, smooth and also itch-free

Easily Packable

Lightweight and stuffable come fit inside a jacket pocket

Versatile Design

Tightly woven knit with a great, low-profile design that fits under a helmet or hood

Fun Patterns

Made in a range of fads to enhance your je ne sais quoi

Supporting the human being Who do This Product

Fair trade Certified™ sewn, which means the world who made the earned a premium for their labor

Country that Origin

Made in China.


74 g (2.6 oz)


2-ply 100% recycle polyester beanie yarnFair profession Certified™ sewn


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Hat Sizing Information
Measurements describe body size, no garment dimensions, and are in inches, unless otherwise noted.
SizeAdult HeadCircumferenceWomen\"s
One Size21¾\"-24\"21¼\"-23¼\"

Though each tasiilaq.net® product is designed and also shaped especially for its plan use, we can generalize our fit explanation in three ways:


Low Crown


Mid Crown


High Crown

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