If you have actually just installed vinyl plank flooring in your home and wondering how much weight have the right to you placed on optimal of her flooring than this write-up is precisely for you.

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Vinyl flooring is incredibly expensive that is why it is very important to defend it from hefty furniture, for this reason it i will not ~ wear or tear sooner than its life span.

Vinyl plank flooring has actually a 15-year life span, but it can last girlfriend a lot longer than 15 year if girlfriend take treatment of it.

So how much weight can vinyl plank floor handle?

Well, based on vinyl plank professional installers, it can handle around 500 pounds i beg your pardon is (226,796 Kilogram).

Please note: Vinyl plank flooring is very strong, it deserve to handle a many of heavy furniture such as hefty pianos and heavy refrigerators.

So, what is the best means to safeguard your vinyl floor native super hefty furniture that is over 500 pounds?

The best means to defend your vinyl floor native your hefty furniture is to usage felt furniture pads.

Which furniture pads carry out I recommend because that vinyl floors?

The just pads the I highly recommend room the X-PROTECTOR NON on slide FURNITURE PADS straightforward because I have been using these pads because that over 6 months now and also they defend my vinyl floor incredibly well.

Caution: no all furniture pads are safe to use on vinyl plank flooring.

There are a lot of high-quality rubber furniture pads to choose from top top amazon yet DO NOT use rubber furniture pads on vinyl floors because they will stain your floor.

The just furniture pads that room safe to use on vinyl floors space felt pads that is why I highly recommend using the x-protector furniture pads because these are really safe to usage on both vinyl and laminate.

Is it okay to placed furniture that weigh an ext than 500 pounds on top of vinyl plank floors?

Yes, vinyl floors have the right to handle 500-pound furniture easily, which means it deserve to hold up to 600-pound furniture as lengthy as you use high quality heavy duty feel pads such as the X-PROTECTOR.

I have tried a lot of of different furniture pads and also most were garbage, many left skid point out on mine vinyl flooring the is why you have to be really careful as soon as shopping because that furniture pads.

Why do I recommend the X-PROTECTOR?

It keeps the furniture in placeIt none slip, it has actually a backing that stop the tables and also chairs indigenous slipping even if friend have children that keeps advertise the chairs aroundMy German shepherded dog offered to push the table in the kitchen, yet he cannot execute it anymore since these pads organize the furniture in placeThese are by far the finest furniture pads i have ever spent my money on, castle are easy to use and safe to usage on both light and also dark vinyl plank flooringAnother point that ns love around these pads is that, they are lengthy lasting, these execute not tear or stay easily.These room high top quality furniture pads but cheap at the exact same time, practically anyone can afford using these padsThese no stain my floor and likewise doesn’t leave residueI have actually been making use of them for quite some time now and also I have actually never had any issues through using this padsThey were specially made and designed for sensitive floors such together bamboo floor, vinyl floor and laminate floor.These pads room the most recommended furniture pads ~ above amazon appropriate now, why? because they space high quality and they additionally doesn’t damages the floor

CLICK right here TO read AMAZON client REVIEWS for this reason you have the right to hear what other world are saying that are likewise using this pads ~ above vinyl flooring.

What are the things that ns don’t like about these pads while utilizing them top top vinyl floor?

For now, I do not have anything negative to say about these pads basic because they’ve never provided me any type of issues.

The just thing I have the right to tell friend is that, if this pads occupational for me than they should likewise work for you too.

What are the pros and cons of using furniture pads?


for sure to usage on vinyl plank flooring straightforward to usage It doesn’t leave residue that doesn’t leave skid marks it keeps the furniture in place It protects the floor from furniture legs It cheap however high quality at the exact same time it 1/5 inch, the won’t include too much elevation on her furniture It functions on hefty furniture You have the right to use that on your sofa foot to store it from sliding You can use that on her bed feet to keep it in place You deserve to use it on her dining chairs to defend your youngsters from falling You deserve to use that on her couch so it no slide Some human being even usage it top top bed frames


this doesn’t come in practice sizes, girlfriend will have to custom size them yourself utilizing scissors or a knife

How lot do this pads cost?

You have the right to CLICK below TO inspect THE current PRICE indigenous AMAZON.

You really don’t need to worry around the price though, these room cheap


Do this furniture pads have latex?

No, these pads are felt.

Please note: perform not use latex furniture pads: based on the vinyl plank flooring info, never ever use something with herbal rubber to stop discoloration.

Latex furniture pads will gradually discolor your vinyl floor the is why it recommended to only use feel pads.

How long does this pads last?

It depends on the weight of her furniture.

Where to buy?

You can You deserve to CLICK right here TO BUY from AMAZON..

What provides these furniture pads various from other pads?

These to be specially made and also designed for vinyl plank flooring, these have tenacious adhesive i beg your pardon does not come off from furniture legs. And also it also doesn’t leave skid marks.

The furniture pads that ns used before were garbage, castle left skid marks and also I had actually to scrub the floor to remove the residue stains.

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The X-PROTECTOR Pads room what ns recommended because they\"ve never offered me any type of issues.

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